How to Find, Select, and Purchase the Perfect Domain Name

So, you’re looking to get started with a new website – maybe your first website – and need to know all about getting a domain name? What follows is some of my ideas on how to select the perfect name for your new site.

Pick a domain name for your website

Step 1 – Research

Now, this is the step that’s going to take the most time – and this is what I covered last week. But if you’re looking for ideas – you could do one of the following.

If your site is about a product, use the product name or something similar. If you’re setting up a personal blog, how about using your own name? This can give some credibility and helps to build a brand around you. Alternatively think about the niche or topic or your site and come up with words related – then look those words up in a thesaurus and try different combinations of words … before moving on to the next stage.

Step 2 – Check availability

Ok, so you’ve thought of a great name (or collection of names) that fit your site. You’re excited and can already see people chatting about your website and talking about how catchy the name is. But there’s a probem….what if the domain name isn’t available?

To check this out, you need to head on over to a service that sells domain names. If the name isn’t available, it’s back to square one for you. Personally, I use for hosting my domains, but I’ve recently used as well – and that has also been good., so go over to their site and see if the name is free. If it’s not free then I would suggest trying a site like Domainr to find a variation on your domain name.

Step 3 – Buy the domain name

Whichever service you choose to go with, the process of buying the domain name you choose shouldn’t be too tricky. Once you have made your choice, click on ‘add to cart’, and then follow the instructions at the checkout. If you haven’t already set up an account with the service, you’ll need to register before you completing your purchase. Once you’ve bought the name, you’ll be sent an email confirmation and receipt.

As I say, the research phase is where you’ll be spending your time. However, don’t start fretting over details. Simply pick out a name that fits your niche, business, service, or product, and then check to see if it’s available at a company like If so, buy it. If not, keep looking and modify your search until you find a fit. Simple.

I must admit buying domains is quite addictive – I have about 50 of them now – even though I only have a dozen active sites. Maybe one day I will finish all the ideas I have but in the mean time I am going to keep on buying – and I recommend you do too!

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