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Draw Something

Draw Something’s developer, OMGPop, was recently purchased by Zynga for $crazy money. It’s a phenomenon that I don’t quite understand but have been dragged in to.

Essentially it’s a drawing game, with no objective. Take it in turns to draw pictures and guess what they are. I don’t understand why I keep playing, but I do!

Draw Something Hints and Tips

Below are a few things I do to try and make my drawings a bit clearer. Maybe they will help :).

  • Don’t use the smallest brush unless absolutely neccessary. It can get messy real quick.
  • Try to draw shapes rather than outlines.
  • Use the colours to block in the form of the object and then add details on top
  • Use background colours. They can set the scene much more quickly than the default white.
  • Buy a stylus. I got a really cheap one and it’s made things a lot easier.
  • Use arrows to point out the word you are guessing (although I am trying to do this as little as possible)
  • Remember the person you are drawing for may not be from your country so may not know what certain things are.

Do you have any tips to add?

Some of my Drawings

Because I like to draw anyway – I have been saving my images as I draw them (on an iPhone/ iPod Touch if you press both the top and front buttons you will save a screenshot to your photo album). I’ve cherry picked some of the best and included them in a gallery below… just for fun! 🙂



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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

6 thoughts on “Draw Something Leave a comment

  1. 1. I donate with my grocery list.
    2. Baywatch
    3. A fish
    4. Blood bath
    5. Graveyard
    6. Not unicorn
    7. Dracula
    8. Almost Indonesia
    9. Sad fish
    10. Hawaii
    11. Luke skywalker
    12. Fast food
    13. Ugly stripper
    14. A snake
    15. Mrs. Simpson
    16. Mermaid
    17. Minotaur
    18. America
    19. Pirate
    20. Scooby doo
    21. A scene from ghibli movie
    22. Snow
    23. Sumo wrestler
    24. Snow man
    25. Money bag
    26. Dougnut trap
    27. Unicorn
    28. Poison

    • That would be cool – but I don’t have one of them. Would be quite an expensive add on for a game 🙂

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