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  1. In our company , we use the concept that each of us is a company within the company. In other words the employee concept does not exist.
    We set our own hours, set our own meetings with clients, work from home when we want to and handle our own health insurance, taxes, Medicare, and social security, as well as set up our own retirement package.The good part of this is really that being your own “MINI COMPANY” removes all limits on how much money you can make, and makes each day a new adventure in the workplace! Dave

  2. I truly don’t know very many workplaces that ‘DO’ do this kind of thing. I know there are so many business that focus STRICTLY on BUSINESS ONLY that it really stresses their employees OUT!!! Burns them out as well…
    I think there’s so much ‘micro management’ going on out there and the people that under the gun of it are just running around half-crazed by it all.
    I personally would love to work for a company that would allow me to work at a steady pace, but pace myself in a way that is productive. I realize there are a VAST number of individuals that if you give them an inch, they will take a mile and be stretched out ‘relaxing’ all the time. However, for those of us who understand that the work must be done and there are deadlines to meet, yet still know that ‘breaks’ are necessary for productivity… it’s a great idea!!


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