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  1. I’ve been using this method for ages and I kind of enjoy having it in the functions file. I’ll check out the plugin because this is something I use for every site I make. Just a better way of showing the information the user wants to see, IMO.

    Me and a client were formulating having them in tabs (with other stuff) after seeing it on Smashing Magazine, but the idea is going to get far less original now! That’s a good thing I guess.

  2. Jim – thanks. Glad you like it.

    I very much doubt it will work with the paged comments plugin since that hacks around with the comment display an awful lot.

  3. Hello Ben,
    Thank you for this great plugin, it really cleans up the comments.
    May I ask how to edit the line so the link in the trackback is marked with a rel=”nofollow” tag?
    I always mess up with parsing errors (^^)

  4. Hey Igor – you should be able to add nofollow quite easily. Just go to line 23 and add


    within the link area.

  5. Brilliant, works like a charm, thanks Ben!
    So, if anyone needs it, the line looks like this:
    $trackPingContent .= “<a href=\”” . comment_author_url . “\” rel=\”nofollow\”>” . $comment->comment_author ….</a>

  6. Any chance you could show us how to put trackbacks in a a separate tab a la smashing and your mimbo pro theme?

    Love the plugin, thanks!

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