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  1. I’d be happy to share with you how I added a third column to your template, but it was definitely a hack and I’m sure that there is a better way.

    The first solution that occurred to me (and the one that I implemented!) was simply to replicate the “get_sidebar” call with a new call called “get_delbar” (as in get the “del.icio.us bar”) from within this file: “wp-includestemplate-functions-general.php”.

    Then all I had to do was call “get_delbar” from within the index.php file in the same way that “get_sidebar” is called. Note that I also had to (1) duplicate all the styles that were related to the sidebar from within the style.css for the theme and (2) change around widths so that the new column would fit.

    In retrospect, I wish I had done some more research before implementing this solution, because there MUST be a better way to add a third column that doesn’t involve editing one of the core files from within the “wp-includes” folder. As a matter of fact, some research I’m doing this evening suggests there is probably a way to loop the “get_sidebar” code which would be a much better solution.

    And another reason NOT to use this method. I think my solution killed the template in i.e for Mac. I’m now getting an error that says “Handler could not be removed!” which means nothing to me!

    Ahh… the life of a non-coder trying to trick the code into doing what I want it to do!

  2. Dustin – thanks for explaining. I’m thinking about doing a three column version and then letting people choose between a two/ three column version in the control panel. That will mean changing the header graphics so they will fit any size, of course doing that would introdue the possibility for a scaling theme… but that’s really getting away from the simplicity I wanted in the first place.

  3. Hola Ben!
    *hehe* Congrats on getting your AWESOME theme on WordPress.com. But of course! It’s one of the best out there! I knew I had to get my hands on your theme when I saw it.

    And hey, you got it right. There is not enough “pink” in the world! Hahaha. Thanks for the plug dude! I heart the Regulus theme. 🙂

    So clean and pretty.


  4. Phu – Matt left a comment on the Regulus release post telling me he’d added it.

    Bella – Don’t know when the next theme is going to be released, but I have a few ideas. I want to make something very different to all the other themes out there. I suspect it’s a little way off yet though 🙂

  5. How long did it take you to create “this” theme just by curiosity?

    And I will make sure and keep my eye open for when that new theme comes out! You know I’m gonna get my hands on it! *hehe*

  6. Bella – I haven’t got a clue how long it took to create Regulus. I started work on it months ago, and then stopped because I wanted to add an admin panel but didn’t know how. I would guess if I worked on it solid it would have taken at least 12 hours – probably more.

  7. Hey Ben-
    Just wanted to say very nice theme! Thank you. I am brand new to wordpress and the blog scene. I scanned quite a bit to find a theme that was clean and had decent features that wasn’t over the top. Regulus fit the bill. If it held together in IE and had a way to do future posts…it would be perfect! All around nice job though. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Mike – thanks for the comments

    If it held together in IE…

    I wasn’t aware there was a problem in IE. If I was told what it was I would have a go at fixing it…

    …and had a way to do future posts…

    That has nothing to do with the theme. It’s a limitation of the blogging platform – unless you can point me to a theme that does this?

  9. ah…its probably that I am on a mac. I haven’t had a chance to see IE on a PC. As far as the future post thing…I’m so new to wordpress and blogging, I wasn’t sure if it was possible. Just wishful thinking I guess 😉

  10. Ah ha – IE on a Mac – I haven’t used that in many many moons. I’m a pc users and know it works fine there. I assume this means it works ok in Firefox and Safari on a Mac then. I would have thought Firefox would be the same as the pc but I don’t have any way to test Safari.

    The other thing, I believe you can change the post date for individual posts which makes them go live in the future but I have never tried, there’s probably a plugin that does this if there isn’t anything built in.

  11. I’m on a MAC – running OS 10.4.3

    The feeds and footer areas of the theme do not display correctly on Safari. They just show up as two narrow vertical bars.

    They do however look fine on FireFox, Mozilla.

    On IE, it’s a total mess (the again what isn’t…)

    In Opera the Links bar at the top (each link) spreads super wide. Comment bits and feeds get cut off…

    I can provide screen shots if you want…

  12. Martin – thanks for that. I don’t know how popular opera is on the mac but it works on the pc, strange (you’d have thought they would look the same). IE on the Mac is um – I think I’ll ignore it… maybe it will go away. I’d prefer it if Safari worked though, although just the feeds buttons isn’t that big of a problem.

    Thanks for the offer of screenshots but I think it would be easier if I just borrow a friends Mac for a few hours. Maybe one day I’ll buy the Mac mini I keep talking about.

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  14. Ben, thanks for the link to my WoW version, you’re providing incentive to finish up everything!

    The other thing, I believe you can change the post date for individual posts which makes them go live in the future but I have never tried, there’s probably a plugin that does this if there isn’t anything built in.

    This is built into WP, simply go to the date/time field in the Write Post page. Check the “edit” box, and set a date time when you want it to appear. The default get_content Template Tag uses an SQL call that gets everything that is earlier than “now” (which is the time when the page is loaded).

  15. I use your theme in http://sadish.wordpress.com

    I have a post there, with the comments off, that is generating an invalid link.
    Please goto my website and look for ‘Senorita A New Theme’ on the first page. look at the bottom, it says comments closed but it is linking to

    look at the ” at the end, that is causing the problem when you click on the link.

    Am I making sense ? Please Reply.

  16. I spotted you on my wordpress site meter. I’m not sure whether you spotted that I was using regulus or if it was a coincidence. Anyway I just thought I’d say hello.

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  18. Hi Ben, I’ve just moved to WordPress.com from BlogSpot… and I love your Regulus.

    Although if it’d be so much better if I can get recent comments in the sidebar.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to install a plugin but there just doesn’t seem to be a way to customize the themes in wordpress.com

  19. I found your awesome theme in edublogs (WordPress for teachers). I uploaded it, but failed to notice it did not come with the Meta logon link. Now I can’t get into my blog (blogwalker.edublogs.org). Is there a fix?

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