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  1. I’ve been playing with the regulus theme for a while and can’t seem to figure out why images are not displayed in the blog posts. Every other theme handles them perfectly but regulus is stripping the code from the posts.

    You can see it here

    Any thoughts?

  2. sfong – optioncount is wrapped because the a is made a block which makes a nice big clickable area. Changing the display mode for a to inline will let the optioncount show on the same line but will mess up the padding and margins.

    Oliver – glad you got it working )

    Dave – you are using the post excerpts which removes html tags. If you change to full posts (through the admin panel) then the images (and blockquote) will be displayed properly.

  3. Everyone who is waiting for a wordpress 2 version. I now have the basics working. I hope to have a beta released by next weekend.

  4. Ben, my problems No. 1 and No. 3 are still not working – I only managed to solve problem No. 2 (which is not visible in my comment, don’t know why).

    1. How can I format normal text style to italic style in the ‘About your site’-field at ‘Configure Regulus’, when HTML-Entities seem not to work?

    3. How can I let the Blogroll be sorted with the Link Categories I defined before?

    Your help is needed, because I don’t find any hints and I’m new to CSS and PHP, thanks!


  5. Oliver – oops, sorry 🙂

    1. Don’t know. I’m pretty sure it should just work. Will have a look.

    3. This one has already been mentioned in the comments. You can see the solution above

  6. Ben, thanks for the tip about post excerpts…feel pretty dumb for missing this.

    One more question…do you know of a way to force the button highlight on the navigation bar? My photo album page is using the Redirectify plugin to forward the page to my Falbum-wp.php file. WordPress doesn’t believe I’ve left the home page so the navigation bar highlight does not change to the Photo Album button. Any suggestions on forcing this change?

    You can view my home page here.

  7. Ben, thanks for the hints. I have now put it back to your original. I have added templates for “archives” and “links” page. The one for archives appears to be working but the one for links is not. See that the sidebar has been driven down for no reason as I don’t even have sidebar called in the code, see below. Grateful for more hints.
    Template Name: Links
    [?php get_header()?]
    [div id=”content”]
    [?php get_links_list(); ?]
    [?php get_footer();?]

  8. Dave, see this post http://me.sfong.net/2005/11/21/login-box-at-sidebar/
    I have acknowledged the source of the code, follow the link there. You’ll have to do minor adjustment to suit the theme you are using. The only thing I did to suit Regulus is the use of the button class and changed the width of the button to 80px to suit the text I preferred.

  9. Dave – unless you’re linking through to a page I don’t think the button highlights are going to work I’m afraid. I don’t know how falbum works so can’t really suggest anything.

    Sfong – The get_sidebar is in the get_footer. I would guess that if you close the div and then get the footer, rather than the other way around, it will work.

  10. Bryce – that sounds interesting. I’ll give it s go when I get home later. I’d love to know why it happens, and why that fixes it, though.


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  12. Dear Ben, I’m lost. Because to follow the discussion here in the comments and looking at all the websites that are linked with the commentators names is not easy, if you are new to PHP, CSS and all that stuff.

    How about using a Wiki to organise questions and answers/solutions?

    Other users could help you with answering all the questions and that would reduce the amount of work you need to put into support.

    Isn’t there a well known WordPress-Wiki allready online? (codex WP?)

    Just one example: My question No. 3 again (“How can I let the Blogroll be sorted with the Link Categories I defined?”)

    The solution you offered Val Dobson and me is going in the right direction, but one is loosing the layout (or style?) with this solution, have a look at Val’s or my Weblog and compare the bullet list of the blogroll with the categories or archive – it looks different.

    With the solution the Link Categories of the blogroll get bullet listed, but not the links anymore 😮

    Shouldn’t it be the links and not the link categories styled with bullets?

    Yeah, Newbies are always asking too much questions 😉 – so where is your PayPal-Donate-Button??? 🙂

    Thanks again, I really love the design and I wish, I could change the code by myself instead of asking so much questions and demanding for your precious time 😮


  13. Ben–nicest theme I’ve seen yet. loving it.

    Has anyone figured out a way to get the footer to show up in Safari? I hate that this looks right on every computer but mine.

  14. Oliver – I am working on Regulus version 2 for WordPress 2 and this takes care of the blog roll link categories, as well as adding a few new features and generally tidying things up a bit.

    I’m not going to make a wiki for Regulus. I developed the theme for fun and don’t want to turn it into a job. This is why there is no paypal donate button.

    Michael – Thanks 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac so can’t solve the safari issue but if anyone knows of a fix I would be happy to implement it. I must admit I was only aware of a problem with the rss feeds in Safari, I didn’t know the footer was messed up was well.

  15. nice job Ben. I’m using ur theme as my primary theme. Any update please keep me informed!! 😀

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  17. Hey dude, absolutely loving the theme!

    One problem.. I’ve installed it, but no matter what I set my about message it, it doesn’t change. Instead, it seems to be pulling up an old post?

    Any ideas what might be causing that?

    Check my site, you’ll see what I mean.


  18. Ben – That’s incredibly strange. It certainly shouldn’t do that, and no one else has complained of this problem. I wonder if there are some variable name conflicts or something. You haven’t changed any of the code in the theme have you?

    Are you using any plugins? Maybe if you try disabling them.

    I’m guessing the problem is in the wordpress function apply_filters. It seems to be using the last post on the page as the content of the about box, and that is what would have been put through the apply_filters function before the about code.

    If you don’t mind playing with the php open up functions.php, find the line

    $tempVar = apply_filters( "the_content", $tempVar );

    and delete it. This will mean the formatting may not work properly but hopefully it will stop this from happening.

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  20. Ben C – I’ve never used that plugin but I’ll have a look at the weekend and see if I can work out why it’s happening.

  21. Hi there,

    I am French and I use your skin on my WP Blog : http://www.leblog2bubu.com/

    I am trying to install it on another one but it shows me an error : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare writeabout() (previously declared in /homepages/2/d147387020/htdocs/wp-content/themes/Regulus/functions.php:61) in /homepages/2/d147387020/htdocs/wp-content/themes/Regulus/functions.php on line 59

    Do you ow to settle this problem ?

    Please advice !

    Best regards

    Oo Bubu

  22. Oo Bubu – You’re getting that error because you are using the wordpress 2.0 beta. I am hoping to release a new version of Regulus this weekend specifically for wordpress 2.0, and that fixes this problem.

    Ben C and everyone else who has seen weird problems with the about box – I think I know what the problem is and will attempt a fix this weekend.

  23. @ Ben : Thanks very much for your help ! I tought that I had made a mistake somewhere !!!
    Will wait for the latest release !!!

    Thank You

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