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  2. Great post and an interesting subject.

    I think Jack Thompson’s actions have completely blown up in his face and I hold him personally responsible for the increase in ridiculously violent games we’ve seen over the past year. It seemed every month there was a new gang-based game hitting the shelves where you assume the position of some thug and go on a murderous rampage for no apparent reason.

    It’s obvious that these games were purely created to cash in on this now hot topic as they’re completely horrible games and have gotten some of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen. 50 Cent’s Bulletproof is a fine example of this.

    But back to the point. You’re totally right. It’s the parents that need to be educated. Developers should be free to produce whatever content they please. We have a good rating system in place and if parents actually clued in to the fact that a game that is rated mature (17+) might actually have a really good reason their 12 year old shouldn’t be playing it.

  3. I work in a large retail chain in the UK which sells a wide range of items, including games. This usually means that we end up selling about ten copies a week of GTA or any another similarly themed game such as the 50 cent one which you mentioned to unsuspecting parents of fully suspecting kids. I am the biggest geek who works there an occasionally I am tempted to explain to them that they shouldn’t let their kid play this. Most of the time these kids are under 12 and I have no problem with the kids being about 14 for an 18 game but under 12 for and 18+ game just shouldn’t be happening. We do ask the parents if they are OK with it though. Despite what The News of the World would have you believe it is against the law to sell it to anyone under the required age. I think http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com put the whole debate into perspective, in some repects Jack is right, in others he is completely wrong, but in most he over emphasises the part played by the video game in the incidents which he covers.

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  5. You are chatting the absolute truth. Violent people inspire themselves to be violent, maybe with a little help from games, but mainly themselves.

  6. what is the deal with that vicar in Manchester cathedral trying to ban Resistance:Fall Of Man?

  7. The Vicar in Manchester Cathedral is upset because they used the Cathedral as the basis for a section of the game. That I am aware of it has nothing to do with violence.

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