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  1. At times the HUD can get in the way or even be distracting, but on a whole I like the fact that it is there and I am able to see ammo, health and even navigation status. I haven’t played King Kong so I guess I can’t really say how I feel about not having the HUD at all.

    I’d definitely be interested in seeing how you deal with the HUD in your new game.

  2. It seems reasonable not to have a HUD, but of course, you couldn’t get away with something this big without having tons of complaints.

  3. Yannick – In King Kong, you do have the option to turn the Hud on if you want it, but I found it more atmospheric without.

    ICO is another game that doesn’t have any interface. The only statistic you need to take notice of is health, and I think (but don’t actually remember) that if you get hurt a health bar flashes up. Basically the hud is only there when it’s needed.

    Steven – If the game is designed well I don’t see why there should be any complaints at all. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, and there will always be games that require a proper interface but I think they should always be kept to a minimum.

  4. By the way, you need to update your footer (still says 2000 to 2005). Just by the way.

    I think the lack of HUD’s in games makes it more realistic. If you were, say, in an FPS, you wouldn’t know the exact ammo count in your gun while you’re in the middle of a firefight.

  5. I have updated the copyrite before – I changed somethings the other day and guess I must have uploaded over the old one. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. I know this is slightly irrelevant, but this is is… GORGEOUS. Especially these textboxes I like. Well done Benmaestro.

  7. there is no doubt but is better to set free of a 2d interface where the task is to interact with 3d virtual environment elements, be characters or things in the scenario, simulating and improving the easy instinctive interaction of the real world.

    the ideal to attend all the users is to have a control input that hide/show the HUD. If you need, you show it. If not, just let it hidden. When you already know the streets of a virtual city (san andreas) for example the map can be useless for some moments. Advanced users may not need the HUD too.

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