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  1. Can’t agree more with you regarding the Import/Export functionality and the Custom Front Page setup process.
    Just because of these two things we started a while ago to setup for free our themes like in the demo on customers websites, just to save their time, as it may take more than just a few minutes to someone new to WP to create a static front page.

    1. That’s interesting that you set up customers sites to match the demo. How does that work for you? Do many people ask you to do it?

      1. Let’s say 1 in 10 new customers asks for our help with demo content setup. We’ve also recently created a new easy way to install automatically the demo content of your current theme, and it’s mainly based on the new importer created by Human Made + a few custom tweaks, like automatic widgets install.

      2. ah – nice. Human Mades importer looks really good. Have you considered submitting your changes to their plugin. I really hope that their plugin becomes the default in the future.

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