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  1. Erm… yes πŸ™‚

    In essence it’s a webpage. But I thought I’d try and make it sound grander.

  2. Very clean design Ben! Layout is nice and the colors are easy on the eyes. Very good job πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Ben, your design was inspiration for a new website design I’d like to use, but I was wondering what sort of license/use restrictions you’d like to put on the code. I’ve modified the colors quite a bit and the code to some degree, but the general layout of the design is still present (you can see it here).

    If I wanted to build a fuller, WordPress theme around the design, would that be okay with you?

  4. When it comes to development I am happy for people to use my designs as inspiration but I don’t like theft. By all means learn from it but don’t outright copy.

    Regarding your own site, I have slight concerns that it’s still very similar but I don’t have a problem with you turning it into a public WordPress theme, provided you give it away for free (so that others can learn from it).

    Thanks for asking

  5. Alright. Thanks and I’ll let you know if I can find the time to put one together. I expect to keep tweaking the design to my own liking as I go, and if I end up putting a theme together I’ll release it for free (which I guess I’ll figure out how to do).

    Along those lines, I was wondering if you know of the best minimalist theme to start working with when designing a new theme for WordPress (e.g. something that’s up to date, works with WordPress 2.5.1, etc…)?

  6. Abe – I’m afraid I have no idea what theme you could use as a base. I learnt by modifying the themes that come with WordPress (not K2 the other one), the code isn’t that tidy but it’s all quite simple so should be easier to work from

  7. I’ve recently expanded into having 3 blogs, maintaining 3 different (wordpress) themes was rather difficult so I started something similar however I called it tabula rasa (Blank Slate) with some sans-serif fonts.
    If I find a tweak to improve performance seo etc, I apply it to TR and change what needs changing on the children themes. Versioning helps too.

    Great Idea, certainly a more elegant blueprint.

  8. Hey Ben, It’s (almost, maybe) done! Well, it’s at least a proof of concept.

    I’ve posted about it over at my blog (http://abeolson.com/2008/08/05/new-theme-simplecity/) and you can see what it looks like on the site. I’ve really appreciate any feedback on that post, even “constructive criticism”. (i.e. “Abe, stick to physics and far away from website design πŸ™‚

    Per your request, I’ll release it GPL once I’m satisfied with it. Thanks!

  9. Mike – I have started doing something similar to you as well. I have a single base wordpress theme that I now build upon for different themes on different sites.

    Abraham – looking good. I would make use of the widgets and the sidebar too. Would be nice to get maximum use out of the different wordpress features. I like the name also πŸ™‚

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