Top 17 – UK celebs on Twitter

There have been celebrities on Twitter (follow me here) for quite some time but over the last couple of weeks there has been a huge surge of them joining in the UK. I’ve seen Twitter mentioned on a number of tv shows, and heard it on a couple of radio stations. It’s also been mentioned on some prominent UK news websites.

Apologies in advance to people outside of the UK – I am pretty sure I’ll mention a fair few people you haven’t heard of.


Personally I think that the first to embrace the technology in a big way was Stephen Fry, but more recently people like Philip Schofield, Boris Johnson (the mayor of London), and even the Prime Minister have helped push forward a big takeup from the British “famous person” contingent which in turn can only have increased the amount of UK Twitter users, also bringing in people who wouldn’t otherwise use it.

So who’s the best?

Naturally celebrities are very competitive so what better way to see who is the best than to compare the size of their Twicks… so I’ve put together the current top ranking for Twitter celebs in the UK according to

  TwickSize Celeb Twitter page Followers Posts
1 16 inches Chris Moyles 61,447 254
1 16 inches Andi Peters 26,417 627
2 15 inches Jonathon Ross 100,834 1,251
2 15 inches Rob Brydon 12,991 278
2 15 inches Fearne Cotton 26,916 191
3 14 inches Robert Llewellyn 10,808 3,615
3 14 inches Hugh Laurie 4,644 150
3 14 inches Iain Lee 3,507 1,016
4 13 inches Philip Schofield 70,723 1,606
4 13 inches John Cleese 66,903 157
4 13 inches Richard Bacon 14,747 255
5 12 inches Russel Brand 39,692 23
6 11 inches Danny Wallace 9,869 84
7 9 inches Stephen Fry 192,536 1,642
8 7 inches Eddie Izzard 9,559 82
8 6 inches Jimmy Carr 26,231 43
8 6 inches Justin Lee Collins 19,415 13

So – are there any Twitter using UK celebrities I have left off the list? Anyone else interesting I should follow?

Was it good/ useful/ a load of old rubbish? Let me know on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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