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  1. This is not from the UK, but if you pop “twitter” in UK Google (because you still don’t know what the hell twitter is or why people use it) this comes up:


    May just have to go get myself an account now. I bet Google’s money hungry (evil) eyes are eyeing up Twitter as it would go as nicely with their new Latitude as pork scratchings go with ale. Very nicely.

  2. Ha! Like all things it all comes down to the size of their… Very funny. Twitter has really caught on with the general public and thats cool as it will help diversify the twitter community. Apparently things like twitter and IM are the prime communication choice of the new generation of computer users, who think email is for dinosaurs, and only use it to communicate with “old people.”

  3. Nic – you’d better start using Twitter regularly now. The more you use it the better you realise it is 🙂 I had actually seen Obama was on Twitter (along with a whole bunch of other US celebs) but since I am English I thought it was better to write about what I know about 🙂

    Stephen – I agree entirely. I think it’s great that services like Twitter are hitting the older generation. Anything that brings people closer is good in my book.

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  5. Hi Joe – I’m not interested thanks. I don’t do text links and I am a graphic designer. I do everything myself.

    BTW there’s a contact form on my about page – but I probably would have just deleted the email.

  6. I am a big twitter fan myself but hadn’t even considered that the celebrities were using it. I’m going to see how many Irish celebs are using Twitter seeing as though I am Irish myself.


  7. Hi,

    Nice site and good to see a Twitter post!

    Just thought I should let you know that several of those are fake.

    Justin Lee Collins, Huge Laurie and Eddie Izzard are confirmed fakes.

    There is a complete list at http://celebswhotwitter.com


    1. Thanks for the pointer – it was the real one when I created the list as RobBrydon was an impersonator then 🙂 check out the post on July 1st where he says the account changed. I hadn’t thought to check if anyones accounts had changed, but I’ll update the post now.

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