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  1. Looking forward to those themes mate, always liked your designs. Incididentally, since your mentioned it, is that Professor Layton game any good, because I’m buying a new DS soon (been sharing so far) and that’s one of the games that seem’s quite appealling.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence Luke 🙂

    If you like brain bender type puzzle games then Professor Layton is great – I really enjoyed it.

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  4. I love Regulus, particularly the moon and starts banner. On the request of one reader, I added some CSS to darken and enlarge the text. My friends are not particularly Internet savvy, and have had a hard time finding the “Add a comment” link or maybe realizing that “2 comments so far” is the place to click to add a comment.

    Some other themes have text, “Make a comment, 2 so far”. That’s pretty good, but link to make a comment is the number “2” and not the “Make a comment” phrase. That makes no sense to me.

    My suggestion or request is to have a “Make a comment” or “Add a comment” link at the bottom, and maybe also at the top, highlighted and underlined. Then have a separate phrase, “N comments so far”.


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