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  1. I have had your Regulus template for a long time on both of my blogs and like it very much, and now I just saw that the quotes no longer appear in a blue frame or window or square… That is wonderful! I did not like that blue rectangle; sometimes it gave much too much weight to a quote.

    The story of Nixon: I rather liked him. He was a good thinker. He was hated. When the US becomes emotional, there is nothing that will stop them from going way off any which way. — In his garden Nixon had a flagpole which had been paid by the government. That fact appeared on the title page of the IHT, though most people would have known that Nixon was not corrupt that way. He may have thought that a lie was a politician’s tool…. — I know he was not corrupt because late in the game (the tapes showed) he was getting blackmailed and did not know where one could get a million dollars, had to ask an aide, got taped asking. A US president who doesn’t know where or how to get a million dollars? —

    But I only came to say thank you for the template. This Nixon story caught me off guard.

    Bye bye

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