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  1. I believe that “define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);” means NOT to use the FTP credentials, but use the built in PHP file system functions.

  2. I agree that storing passwords is a bad idea. If it is stored in the database there is a greater chance for someone to get the FTP info, in fact, is damn pretty easy, you can change the code of a plugin and all data is yours.

    If the data is stored in the wp-config it may be a little better, but not much. The problem is that there are many ways to get it from there, but we may look on the problem from a different point of view. If we use only trusted plugins we think we are safe enough to stop worrying for the 0.0001 change to be hacked with brute force or other intrusive methods.

  3. define(‘ftp_user’, ‘username’);

    Needs to be uppercase FTP_USER or you can (and often will) get internal server errors 🙂

  4. Seems there’s a typo here:

    Missing ‘
    should be


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