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  1. Ben the video came out well, especially considering it’s your first screencast. It’s better than some I’ve seen by people who consistently make them. πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen the advice to separate the video and audio before. Is the idea that you would capture the video and maybe follow along with the narration in your head without actually recording the audio and then go back later adding the audio while watching the video you captured?

    Also would you be recording the audio in a different program or in Screenflow?

    1. Hi Steven – thanks for the kind words.

      What you said sounds about right. I think I would probably record the audio in Garage Band, whilst watching a playback of the video, and then import it into Screenflow once completed.

      1. No need to thank me. I think the screencast turned out better than you probably think it did. I’m kind of in the same position. I’m still feeling my way around Screenflow and testing it here and there, though I’ve yet to create an actual screencast to show anyone.

        I hadn’t thought of Garage Band. I was thinking of Audacity, though either would work.

        One tip I’ve seen a few times, more for the audio part is if you do make a mistake that you’re going to want to correct, leave some silence after it. That makes it easier to find later when you’re scrubbing through the audio.

  2. This is actually pretty good for a first screencast. I’m impressed. My first screencast didn’t look like that. I assume that’s partially because I didn’t have a cool tool like ScreenFlow.
    (Just a case you’re wondering how I came here. I have a Google Alert on “screencast”, so I don’t miss any good screencasts. πŸ˜‰ )

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