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  1. You guys have impressed me! I can see some serious work has gone into sorting out this issue! Have you had any glitches with the new config file?
    Ben, may well be tapping you up on some WordPress Plugins shortly when we launch an on-site blog – cheers!

  2. Hi, this script really solved a big one for me. Thanks! Constructive comment…

    On this doc page, it would be super helpful to show an example of the file. e.g.


    I’m guessing the format above is how to do it. Use ‘true’, not True etc.

    Also you could add the default setting of each item. Just the first time user’s feedback πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Mark – I must admit I had assumed the people editing the file would know PHP – I guess I wasn’t clear that it’s a PHP file and so should be done in the PHP format. I’ll add some clarification.

  3. Fantastic script, but on some hosts I can’t change the cache fodler permissions, and I get the “Could not get a lock for writing” error.
    Wouldn’t it be possible, that when this error occurs, instead of displaying an error message, to output the image thumbnail directly to the browser instead of trying to write it in the cache folder ?

    I know I could disable cache (it doesn’t really seem to work for me), but I would like the detection to be automatic.

    Or is there a way to check if Timthumb is outputting an error, like with ” if (exec(timthumb.php?src=image.jpg))” and it return true or false.. ?

  4. Hello Ben,

    I wonder if you can help me on a problem I’m having with the last timthumb version. I run a popular server and use timthumb to generate the homepage thumbnails. For each article publish on the site, I’ll generate a default picture (on a specific location) that is passed to timthumb on the main homepage.

    The problem I’m experiencing is that, some times, my homepage is generated before the final images are in the correct place and, when timthumb is invoked by the users requesting the homepage, it returns a broken image (because there is no image do resize).

    As far as I understand, timthumb saves some information on the cache, because, if I request the page again (after confirming that the default article image is on the correct location), it keeps giving me an error, until the cache time is expired.

    My question is… is it possible to not cache any kind of information wo, when the image that’s being passed to timthumb is available, will be properly cached and served?

    Thank you for your help.

  5. I’m getting this error from TimThumb on a site that uses symlinks to point to a single web server for images. “Could not find the internal image you specified” Does timthumb allow symlink usage, if so, is it by default or is there a setting to allow it? thank you.

  6. We installed WP Better Security on one of our WordPress sites. We get daily warnings about file changes like wp-content/themes/aperture/cache/timthumb_int_539c43f6c9fb64270f768f466cea4b2e.timthumb.txt

    When we open those files it’s mostly gobildy goop characters. We can’t tell if it’s something nefarious or maintenance the plugin is doing. Another reason I am concerned is that I am seeing lots of failed login attempts.

    Thanks for educating us about the warning and what those files are.

  7. Hi Ben, how to increase the security of the timthumb, as i read there are some vulnerabilities of the tim thumb?

    1. Hi – there were some vulnerabilities a few years ago. The best thing to do is update the script and make sure you keep it up to date.

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