3 thoughts on “Virgin TV Anywhere – the future of Television? Leave a comment

  1. looks really attractive this virgin TV
    this really is future of televisions and good for television industry coz those industry who are avoiding innovation will get flesh out from makret

  2. Is Virgin TV owned by the Virgin Mobile mobile phone company? I can’t say enough good things about them for mobile phones and coverage. I just found your site, I have a blog and attempt to increase my adsense earnings, so far my max has only bearound $56 for Oct of 2012 for the whole month!. What advice can you give to a blogger that is increasing earnings about 15% monthly, but would like to take it to the next level faster? My primary blog with most traffic is http://www.displacedguy.com but my other niche sites make more money. How many sites do you run to get over $100 daily?
    Thanks Rich

    1. I don’t really do much with adsense so I don’t make much more than you. If I were you I would focus on creating awesome content that people want to read. Once you’ve done that then you’ll get more traffic from google and so more money from adsense.

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