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  1. Hey there. I am a huge fan of your timthumb script. I was a fan of the iphone too. But I don’t get why you need to defend the iphone 5. The issues about the iPhone 5 is all over the web and twitter. Scuff and Apple maps? Does that ring a bell? Tim Cook has already apologized about the Apple Maps and that alone is a proof that Apple made a bad decision. The Maps on the previous iOS was working fine. Why replace it? Like the old saying, don’t fix something that ain’t broken. Apple ain’t perfect and no company will ever be but seeing a lot of people apologize for Apple is disappointing. If Steve Jobs were still alive, none of the bad decisions might have been made. Tim Cook showed the world that weakness exists in Apple by apologizing and suggesting Bing maps. This may be the beginning of the decline. Somebody should fire Tim Cook.

    1. Hey there – thanks for the comment. I just want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to defend Apple/ the iPhone. I just wanted to bring some perspective to the discussion. Sure they did some silly things with the maps app, and the scuffing sucks but that wasn’t what the article was meant to be about.

      I don’t think it’s fair to blame Tim Cook though – he’s not Steve Jobs and he didn’t make the changes himself. The idea that Cook should be fired because Apple released something a that wasn’t perfect is a bit daft. Don’t forget that Apple wasn’t perfect during Jobs rein either – there were antenna problems galore with the iPhone 4, and the scuffing? That’s built in obsolescence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_obsolescence). Apple have been doing that for years – this is just a more extreme example.

      You can’t say what would have happened had Jobs still been leading Apple. Nobody knows what he would have done – and unfortunately he’s no longer here to ask.

      Irrespective of your Apple bashing – what I was trying to say is that whatever phone you use – whatever technology you use – we’re living in an awesome time. There’s a lot of brilliant hardware and software around at the moment – and we’re slap bang in the middle of it. I for one couldn’t be happier and I wish people would stop picking holes and simply enjoy the things we have.

      1. I’m using an iPhone 4s that I upgraded to iOS6 and was extremely disappointed with the terrible maps (I am outside the US btw). My contract is going to expire anyway so I’m going to switch to a non-Apple device. After 4 years of being loyal to the iPhone, I finally decided to switch to another platform and I think the Lumia 920 looks sexy.

      2. My brother in law has the galaxy s3 and the screen on that is awesome. He took some really nice photos with the camera as well.

        My personal phone is a Nokia, but I get an iPhone because of the company I work for. I believe we’re upgrading soon (at least I hope so cos I cracked the screen last week :))

      3. oh – I am outside of the US as well – and I don’t disagree that the maps app is terrible 🙂

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