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Caseable – Customizable iPad Cases and More…

I am so clumsy, and I am currently living in what can only be described as a building site. Last year my wife and I bought our first house and we have been renovating it ever since. Because of the renovations we currently have bare concrete floors on the ground floor. On it’s own this isn’t a big problem, at least it wasn’t, until I dropped my iPhone 4 on it. The screen shattered.

Luckily the phone continued to work, and I was able to get an upgrade to an iPhone 5 (it’s a company phone and they were upgrading us anyway which was very lucky). A couple of weeks later I got my first iPad.

Having just destroyed an iPhone, I wanted to be super careful with the iPad, especially since it was my iPad and not a company one. So I started looking for a case – when I was contacted by a company called Caseable asking if I wanted to review one of their products. Perfect timing, so I set about choosing a design.

Selecting an iPad Case

I wanted a soft pouch rather than a book style case simply because I think they look nicer and are a bit less old fashioned so I asked if I could try one of the Caseable iPad sleeves. I was then able to design the case. Caseables biggest selling point is that they let you customise the entire product. They actually give you a bunch of (very nice) art to chose from but being a creative person I wanted to make something myself. So I made an image, and then was also able to chose the colours of the zips and tabs to make it all fit the same design. I placed the order.

A couple of weeks went by and my case turned up.

Caseable iPad Sleeve

The case itself is made of a material like the one used in wet suits (neoprene?). It feels quite strong, and is soft inside, but it’s not as padded as I had expected. The print quality on the custom image is really good, but it’s slightly more saturated than my original artwork – so I would suggest reducing the saturation a touch to make things look like your original image.

One strange thing with the case is that there are some ripples/ crinkles around the zip opening. They look a little strange but aren’t a deal breaker.

The only real negative I had with the Caseable cases is the cost. I found them to be a little on the pricey side – at Β£50 for a case they aren’t something I would have purchased normally. You can get some really nice soft iPad sleeves for Β£30 or less on Amazon – the main difference between the 2 products being the customisation. So, to be competitive I think that Caseable could do with looking at their pricing a bit. That said, if you can afford it, you could do worse than giving them a whirl since the customisation does give an element of personalisation that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

I am now very careful to keep my iPad in the case when I’m not using it so that it’s protected should there be another gadget -> floor collision.

Oh – and I got a case for my iPhone as well – a nice thick rubber one. Hopefully I’ll get some carpets soon as well! πŸ™‚



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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

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  1. Hmm the price seems to be out of range for some buyers, & a clumsy person like me who tends to drop something doesn’t really help at all πŸ˜€

    Then again, the design looks amaaaaazing

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