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    1. Yeah – I must admit I don’t really understand how it can be used – and I suspect others are the same which is why it wasn’t publicised so much.

      I think we need some developers to make use of it and then people will realise the power inside. When products start making use of it is when people will appreciate it’s use IMO.

  2. I have heard of this plugin but do not use it. I have heard lots of good things about this plugin. Does Jetpack count your own views into its stats. I think in analytics, you can block your own views.

      1. Hey Ben, thanks for that. In that case I might install this plugin. Thanks for your answer. Also the ability for users to subscribe to updates is an added bonus. Sounds like a very good plugin.

  3. I’ve recently installed Jetpack on a couple of sites this month. I do like the way you can turn on/off the bits you want/don’t need so it doesn’t seem to create too much bloat to the loading. The new Tiles for galleries looks fun to play with.

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