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Rime – My Dream Video Game

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a frustrated game developer. Working at Miniclip I’ve developed a few games (I mentioned a few here) but I now focus on web design. I’m really passionate about web design and will continue doing it forever most likely – but I’d love to be able to get back into gaming as well.

For years I’ve had my ‘dream game‘ going round and round in my head. I’ve never spent any proper time on it, but I know what I want to make. It would be a blend between the Legend of Zelda games (mostly Ocarina of Time), and Ico.

Then I saw Rime. It looks amazing, and is exactly what I’d like to make.

Of course I don’t have the technical skills to do any of this. My version – if I ever make it – will likely be 2D (or pseudo 2D using 3D models), and play much more like the 2D Zelda games. This is simply because if I tried to make something like Rime – then I would never finish. Ever.

But now I might have a chance to see my dream game brought to life. If only it were coming to a platform other than PS4 – fingers crossed it makes the jump to XBox, Nintendo or Mac. I don’t really have the space for another device under my tv đŸ™‚

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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

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