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  1. I suffer from exactly the same problem; I vented similar frustration on my blog a couple of weeks ago and despite that I’ve not made any progress. It seems to be some magical allergy to committing lots of progress/continually being “done” is the problem. If there was some magical fix, that’d be great too.

    (really like the design you’re rocking, btw – any plans to release it?)

    1. Hey Alex – hadn’t seen your article. Great minds eh (or procrastinating minds?)

      The perfection thing is a big challenge for sure. It’s really hard to just call it done and release.

      Talking of which – that’s what I did with this theme πŸ™‚ I have a big list of bugs and features to add before I declare it ready. I can’t release as is cos it’s some things hard coded that are specific to me – but I am considering making a public version once it’s all final. I’d be happy to send you the theme as is if you want to noodle around though.

  2. The one thing that irritates all of my friends or my colleagues is my lack of focus as I loose it quite easily and that’s make me a person to be disliked by all πŸ™

  3. Most of us are having same problem that is lack of focus. Constant focus on you aim always gives the best results.
    Eagerly waiting for brush ninja..:)

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