Brush Ninja

Brush Ninja is a collection of free creative apps with the star being an animated gif maker.

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03 Jan 2024

Foolproof Flexbox: Fixing Flowing Frustrations

I recently encountered a frustrating issue while using flexbox for a 2 column layout on Brush Ninja. One column could have any width, while the other had a fixed width for a skyscraper advert. However, I faced a problem where...
24 Nov 2022

Brush Ninja Members

In 2018 I launched Brush Ninja and the feedback has been fantastic. Over the course of the last 4 years, through the pandemic and all, it’s been found and used by educators to teach.I think teachers like Brush Ninja for...
18 Jul 2022

Brush Ninja: Emoji Art Editor

I was thinking recently that I don’t write much about Brush Ninja. Brush Ninja is a free animation editor made entirely with Javascript and given away for free.My goal with the Brush Ninja website is to encourage digital creativity. It’s...
25 Jun 2018

Brush Ninja

4 years ago I uploaded a video of an animation creator website I was building called Brush Ninja. Then mostly forgot about it. A video of the original version of Brush Ninja from over 4 years ago. The project was...
01 Oct 2013

How to Use Bitbucket with Github for Mac

I like BitBucket – all the cool kids use Github, but for small businesses BitBucket is great. Why? Because it has free private repositories for teams of 5 or smaller. And that’s me right there.Currently I am using BitBucket for...
29 Jul 2013

Brush Ninja – An Upcoming HTML5 Animation Website

I’m thrilled to announce my latest project – Brush Ninja. Brush Ninja is a browser-based animation app that aims to bring back the simplicity and creativity of early versions of similar platforms.Sketch StarI am employed by Miniclip, an online games...