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31 Oct 2013

WordPress – Estimated Reading Time

I have a theme coming out soon that displays the ‘estimated reading time’ for each blog post on the homepage.The theme is inspired by the new blogging service Medium – but I first saw the idea mentioned on Brian Crays...
27 Oct 2013

WordPress Numeric Pagination

I’ve made quite a few WordPress themes in my time, and so I thought I would write a few blog posts sharing some of the code snippets that I find myself using repeatedly.First off is some numeric pagination using native...
15 Aug 2013

How to Make SlideShare Responsive With FitVid.js

Open Source software is awesome. If it weren’t for WordPress then I’m not sure what I would be doing – but that doesn’t mean open source software is perfect, or that it fulfills all requirements.The beauty of open source software...
11 Aug 2013

Using WP_DEBUG to Improve CSS and Style Enqueues in WordPress

Recently I saw a tweet conversation between @Norcross and @JPeterson about decaching css files when developing with WordPress. The solution is simple and something that WordPress even has built-in – however it’s also something that is easy to forget to...
11 Apr 2013

WordPress Query: Exclude Posts With No Featured Image

So – I make WordPress themes – lots of them 🙂Something that’s bugged me for a while is that I can’t easily use the WP_Query to select posts with featured images. This isn’t functionality that’s needed that often – but...
10 Feb 2013

Better Than Grep

I’m not that knowledgable about the command line and controlling a server with it. Over the years I have picked up a few bits – I use nano a lot for editing files, and I like to use grep to...
04 Dec 2012

Disable PHP Short tags

A quick tip for any WordPress devs out there (or any other devs for that matter). Don’t use PHP short tags!I’ve been bitten by this more than once in the past. Some servers allow PHP short tags (<?) and others...
29 Nov 2012

CSS Highlight Colour

When I design a website I really like to add small touches that most people won’t notice. In fact there’s a blog I follow that is dedicated to these small areas of delight. One of the things I like to...