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  1. It’s hard to explain why Ico is so amazing without experiencing it yourself. Even the wonderful look and feel of the game can’t be conveyed in screenshots; it’s fantastic when you see the wonderful animation and little details that the developers have lavished on it.

    Sadly, for various factors, Ico became one of those much loved, critically acclaimed classics that failed to hit the mass market. A shame really as I’d unequivocally recommend it to anyone.

    Incidentally, what are the other PS2 games that you bought (without owning a console!)?

  2. I think they should re-release Ico when Shadow of the Colossus comes out. Hopefully it’ll get a bit more attention then.

    The other PS2 games I own are Devil May Cry, Herdy Gerdy (I like the art), Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X-2, and Jack and Daxter. I got them all second hand from Game for no more than 8 or 9 pounds.

  3. “I think they should re-release Ico when Shadow of the Colosus comes out.”

    I agree. It’ll be even better if a special edition box set (ala DVD movies) is released. I’m actually surprised that VG publishers haven’t borrowed this idea from the movie studio’s…

  4. Things are heading that way though. The copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 I purchased had a second dvd full of ‘making of’ documentaries and I think you can get Half Life 2 in a presentation box set with a tshirt.

    I’m waiting for the Lord of the Rings style jobby, release a basic version and then an enhanced version 4 months later (erm… Gran Turismo anyone?)

    This sort of thing could definately be popular but I’m not convinced it’s good.

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