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  1. Yeah, it’s such a shame that an overwhelmingly good show like Firefly was canceled.

    I watched Firefly and Serenity in the “right” order, and I have to say that I found Serenity disappointing. In my opinion, what made the show great were the well-written dialogues which gave the characters life.

    In Serenity, it’s too much action and too little insights in the characters. Good for the general sci-fi crowd, bad for fans of the show. But that’s just my two cents.

  2. I think part of the reason the film didn’t work quite as well is that they had to do a lot of the basic stuff all over again so that people who hadn’t seen the tv series wouldn’t feel left out.

  3. See, maybe I’m weird, but I liked Serenity pretty well. That may be because I loved the Firefly ‘Verse so much that I’m just ecstatic to be back there, regardless of the presentation, but I think Serenity had a nice feeling to it. It was better closure than the series was originally given, at the very least.

    Mostly I just missed the gritty western elements that were what made Firefly so unique; Serenity was more sci-fi, which was a little disappointing, but also understandable. A lot of people just don’t get the spaceship flying over a herd of horses thing; Serenity was written to be more accessible to more folks, I guess.

    The movie had a few scenes that I just love though: the first introduction to the characters in that long shot in the beginning that moves throughout the ship, and the scene near the end with the spaceships and the crazy spinning and the “leaf on the wind”.. you know the one I mean. That was one of very scenes in a movie that really made my stomach drop, made me accept that the images were real. Shiny!

    Really, I could go on about Firefly and Serenity for hours, but I’ll spare you the boredom. Suffice to say, I’ve watched the series nigh on ten times through now, and it just keeps getting better. Not many shows or movies can say that. It was really something special, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop regretting that the show didn’t have a chance to fully blossom into the incredible story that I know it could have been.

    Anyway, welcome to the Browncoat world (i.e. the Firefly obsession). You’ll be using “shiny” and “dong ma” in every day conversation before you know, if you aren’t already. πŸ˜‰

  4. I agree that it’s better closure than the tv series – that ended way too quick. One thing I was really intrigued by (and rather disappointed by in the film) is Shepherd Books back story – I’m sure there was loads planned there and now, even if series two is made, we’re unlikely to find out exactly what was going on with him.

    I guess there’s always the books and comics but they’re just not the same.

  5. Quite a coincidence! I also “found” Firefly only recently. So I had the chance to wathc them in the correct order. A friend recommended it to me because I like the more un-sci-fi sci-fi shows (more like HHGG instead of Star Trek). I really, really loved it and I ordered the DVDs of Firefly and Serenity this week. Just watched the first few episodes yesterday with the audio commentary. I totally recommend to buy the DVDs, they’re really worth it.

  6. thought i’ve seen firefly a long time ago, i can’t hate to agree with you. this series DOES ROCK. too bad FOX cut him off though. That is why there will be no more. Blame FOX for ALWAYS cutting the good shows..anyways yes like everyone says, the series was utterly awesome, which made the movie even better.

    besides Babylon 5, Firefly is by far my fav sci fi series

  7. It’s cool to see people still posting about Firefly and Serenity on a regular basis. It seems every few weeks someone else will watch the series and fall in love.

    I on the other hand, never really found that love for the series. It took me 5 or 6 episodes to even like it. By the time I was half was through, I was enjoying it enough but never really got totally stoked on it like I did with Battlestar Galactica.

    I rented Serenity (which I now own) just before finishing the series. I was actually debating not watching the last 1/4 or so episodes as I just wasn’t hooked on it. Then I watched Serenity and that all changed. Finding out the Alliance’s big, bad secret and that incredible space battle between the Alliance and Reavers gave me that push to finish watching the series. Unfortunately, it ended abruptly, or actually… not at all. So that was rather disappointing.

    So, I actually enjoyed Serenity more. Some of the dialog in the series was hard to swallow and I prefer shooting it out in space rather than kicking up dust in the sticks.

  8. I keep hearing good things about Battlestar Galactica – maybe I should try that next. I’ve never really been into tv based sci-fi. Star Trek and Babylon 5 never really did anything for me. Stargate wasn’t too bad, but I enjoyed the film more than the show.

    It’s a shame the series ended as it did. As you say it doesn’t realkly end properly at all. If only they would bring it back so we can get all the answers – I would put money on it doing much better the second time around. You’d (well… I would anyway) have thought they would bring it back just for the series dvd sales.

  9. You heretic, Star Trek is the God of TV Sci-fi πŸ˜‰ I’ve only seen Serenity, and it was OK. Note sure I got into the whole southern accent vs well spoken people thing like it was a reenactment of the American Civil War. Also I couldn’t “believe” the girl’s fighting abilities because they seemed so lame to me – problem is that I’ve got nearly 200 kung fu DVDs so… My friend raves about the series too, but I never liked Buggfy and all that so I’m dubious, maybe one day…

  10. I loved “Firefly”! The show was so very good. Also, the movie, “Serenity” was. Really, they should bring the show back. Citing the writing is one of the reasons. What interesting characters there were. The interaction was great. Bring it back! Please!

  11. Yup, firefly was amazing. Just discovered it actually and watched the whole series within a week. Damn those cynical commercial whores that are the studios for cancelling yet another show that was something quite special. I guess there isn’t as much money to be made out of it compared to society rotting reality tv crap that only morons watch anyways. And serenity was very, very good. a nice, refreshing take on the sci fi movie and it was nice that it wasn’t packed full of the usual ‘space blockbuster’ cliche’s. If anyone ever reads this and has some kind of power to make firefly return, then do it god-damn-it! We want more good stuff, not crap tv.

  12. I agree with John Doe up there. Firefly was good TV, not crap “reality” TV like we’re saturated with now. I really wish the show would come back. It’s the only show I’ve been interested in for a long, long time. It is just aweful that it was canceled. Good shows get canceled, bad ones stay on for years… I just don’t get it. The character interaction made Firefly such a great show. Each character was very unique, and having them all mesh was very fun to watch. Plus their adventures weren’t half bad either! I think Serenity was a good wrap up, considering it kind of had to be. It definitely goes with the series, so if you haven’t seen Firefly, watch it and then watch Serenity and you’re eyes will open a lot more to Serenity.

  13. Yup, a comparative Johnny-Come-Lately myself but can only say to anybody like Jake “Go on, dive in” it could and should have been Star Trek’s dark twin.
    Damn those gorram purple-bellies at Fox but what can you expect from the corporate entity that turned down The Beatles. It’s my personal view that Blue Sun was a veiled reference to Fox.
    I have 2 copies of Firefly, 1 for us & 1 for friends to borrow, the withdrawal symptoms got too strong. It’s the most frequently watched DVD collection in the house and even now after nearly a year I never tire of it and still pick up on something I hadn’t noticed before. It’s such a tonic after ploughing through the crap-hill of a ‘verse which is mainstream TV.
    Whedon has a real talent for drawing you in, making his characters live for his audience. It’s such a pity Serenity couldn’t have been done as a mini series, as I always feel that it skates over the surface in that way that only a movie can. That said, I was surpised that it’s 1hr.54 long, I thought it was much shorter.
    I hope there’s going to be a sequel and that firefly will be resurrected but I’m never that lucky. “If wishes were horses, we’d all be eatin’ steak”

    I aim to misbehave!

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  15. I just finished watching this AWESOME series in order on HULU.com and had a blast. I watched every episode twice already. What a great ride. Leaves me wanting more. I liked the movie as well, which I actually saw years ago BEFORE ever seeing the Tv version. I love the episodes with Saffron but my favorite Episode is Serenity where they take on Sheppard Book and River Tam. Awesome! The pauses in the film and music is stellar. Sad such a good show got cancelled.

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