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  1. Yes, I don’t expect many children to believe that they are wonderful at tennis. At the same time, some might, since they are small children. I have a younger cousin who believes that she’s better than everyone at everything merely because she has won a few games on Mario Party. But, like you said, you just need to hand them a racket and show them how different it is, for real.

  2. Joy; Your little cousin would more than likely believe that she is better than everyone at everything irrespective of Mario Party. Most little kids have these delusions of grandeur. 🙂

  3. Speaking of that racing game analogy, a young man of about 20 stopped in a layby to have a quick wizz at Gran Turismo. About an hour after he had resumed driving he caused an accident whi. Now guess what the papers blamed for this?

    Some people just don’t get a major concept of video games: make believe. And true, she should be glad her kids aren’t fat, spherical and playing Monkeyball on the Wii.

  4. Absolutely right. As you say the violence cases are almost understandable BUT this wii sports thing is ridiculous. I personaly feel that in many cases adults blame video games and television for their own short comings as parents…

    After all, the video game consoles dont come with the living room the parents actually have to go out and get them.

  5. Marcus – What are you basing that on? You’ve made a statement but have no facts to back them up. The story I linked is clearly ludicrous.

    Videogames themselves don’t harm people in any way. It’s yet to be proved that any harm comes from playing games but in my mind it is highly unlikely.

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