Seven useless pieces of information about me

Last week I got tagged by Gnorb. I was going to write something clever about how I normally turn these things down because everyone does it and they’re so passé… but to be honest I’m flattered to even be considered, and I haven’t seen a meme in months – so here goes.

I have to tell you seven random peices of information (that you may not know) about myself.

  1. Despite all the violent video games I play and martial arts films I watch… I’m a pacifist.
  2. I read books. A lot of them. I love epic fantasy (Robin Hobb, George RR Martin etc) and get through 2 or 3 books a month
  3. Before becoming a web designer I studied 3d art at university with a view to becoming a video game artist… but nobody wanted me 🙁
  4. I am an Atheist
  5. I am a big kid. I’m approaching adulthood (getting close to 30) but still annoy my girlfriend by playing video games at inappropriate times and generally being a bit daft
  6. I hate going to night clubs and other similar “social” events. To me there is nothing worse than standing in a dark room with lots of sweaty drunk people whilst being deafened by crap music.
  7. I refuse to wear a suit to work. One summer when I was at university I got a job as a temp doing filing and data entry. I hated it and quit after a week. I haven’t worn a suit to work since.

Apparently I am meant to pass this meme on to 7 others but I have no idea who to ask… hopefully one or two of these kind folks will step up for the challenge.

Let me know what you think on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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