What has blogging given me?

Justin Shattuck hit me up with a new meme that’s been started. It’s only two layers deep at the moment which is unusual since I nearly always seem to be tagged right at the end of a memes life. I know it’s a meme and they seem to be frowned upon these days, but I thought it was interesting so am going to carry it on anyway.

David Peralty from David Cubed says:

Justin says:

As a blogger, the opportunity to reflect and share the material and non-material rewards from such ventures is interesting. This discussion may seem like bragging, I agree with David in hoping that these threads inspire individuals to keep writing and reap similar rewards.

And whilst I agree with the sentiment I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I like to think I have gained from blogging. I have made some new friends (albeit online), I have made some pocket money (adverts and what not), and I have learnt an awful lot but stuff – I haven’t received any free stuff. How on earth do people get Laptop computers, Digital cameras and all these other bits and bobs?

  • … Thinking about it I have received a number of free video games because of Binary Joy, my video gaming blog.
  • … and I was accepted into 9rules, twice, so I have gained friends, knowledge, and readers from there as well.
  • … and Regulus has done far better than I ever imagined so I have gained readership and a small handful of donations which are really appreciated.
  • … and I am number 10 in technorati (not that that’s worth anything… it just makes me feel good 🙂 )
  • … and I am going to have an article published in .Net magazine in the not too distant future – although that was a combination of blogging AND my day job at Miniclip – so maybe it doesn’t count?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that whilst I haven’t gained the physical items that others have (I wouldn’t turn down anything if there’s stuff going begging though) I have managed to come out on top – and I certainly won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Now my turn to spread the meme a little further …

Was it good/ useful/ a load of old rubbish? Let me know on Mastodon, or BlueSky (or Twitter X if you must).

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