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Give Your Blog Some Loving This Valentines Day

February 14th is Valentines Day; a day when many of us lavish extra time and attention on our loved ones. We treat them extra special, buy them some flowers, maybe do some cooking – basically we show them just how much they mean to us (you’re the best Jo!).

However, being the incredibly practical couple we are, Jo and I did most of our Valentines celebrations over the weekend so that we would have a whole day of fun, and not just an evening after work. As such – I have Monday evening free to give some loving to my website, and below are the areas I will be paying most attention too.

Update WordPress and all Plugins

On Valentines Day you need to pay attention to the details. Look after the things you might have let slip over the last few months and sort them out. Make sure all of your software and plugins are up to date. If you’re like me then you tend to let them build up. I always seem to have plugins that need updating, and as soon as I update them, they need updating again.

Check Links

It’s always a good idea to go through the website and make sure that everything is solid. You don’t want to be leaking pagerank to content that no longer exists, or has been moved. I use the Broken Link Checker plugin to make sure that my website is in tip-top shape.

Tweak About Page

Valentines Day is all about relationships, so is the perfect time for introspection. The ‘About’ page is an easy one to forget, so whilst we’re thinking about it we might as well make sure everything is up to date and correct. Stuff goes out of date, and desires are changed. Use this opportunity to make sure the about page is relevant to your audience. Remove outdated content (links to social networking sites you don’t use?), and new achievements and awards – just tidy things up.

Check Contact Details

Conversation and communication are important in making connections with people. You need to make sure that the I experienced this myself recently, I had made some changes to the elemental theme and these changes stopped the contact form from working. It was only broken for a few days, but it made me realise I should be testing these things. Likewise any other contact information on your site should be updated, address, phone number, email address – they should all be updated to fit.

Keep Things

Besides the commercial interests, the point of Valentines Day is to show loved ones just how much you care. Yet anyone in a relationship should do this all the time. It’s the little things that make a big difference, whether it’s complimenting your partner, or updating your blog; you should always take some time out to take care of the things you don’t always think of.


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  1. Some good points. I would add that once in a while you might check the site to ensure that there are sufficient ways for readers to view your most popular older blog posts easily. You might consider converting these into pages and then 301 redirecting them to the new pages to keep external links and build up the level of content on the site.

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