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Pushing Myself to the Limit

I always like to challenge myself. I generally go for mental challenges, trying new technologies and coming up with new ideas. I feel that it’s the best way to learn and expand my mind – however I tend not to challenge myself physically.

I’m a geek – I like to sit in front of a computer or a tv and play video games or browse the internet – but I also enjoy the outdoor life. Last year I bought a house – and so Jo and I now spend a lot of time in the garden, growing plants and vegetables. We also like to go for walks along the river and through the countryside nearby.

Next month I am going to taking this to the extreme – push myself to the limit. I am going to be walking the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge – walking 100km, in 30 hours, for charity.

I’ve wanted to do one of these types of challenges for a while – a couple of years ago I was hoping to do the 3 peaks challenge – but the training and event clashed with my wedding day – not something I could really get out of (not that I wanted to I hasten to add!).

To put things into perspective – 100km is:

  • Crossing the English Channel three times.
  • Two and a half marathons non-stop.
  • 952 football (soccer) pitches end to end.
  • 3.7 times around the Circle Line (on the London Underground).
  • 11,905 London busses end to end.
Donate now! – it’ll make the pain worthwhile!

But – it’s not all about me! Yes, I want to challenge myself – but I also like to help others…

Money raised by Trailwalker in 2012 will be used to provide financial and medical aid to the most destitute Gurkhas who rely absolutely on the Trust for a dignified old age as well as community aid projects in Gurkha villages in Nepal.

The walk was started by the Queens Gurkha Signals Regiment – and the money raised will be split 2 ways – some going towards helping the Gurkhas in Nepal, and the rest going directly to Oxfam to help in their projects around the world.

  • £25 – could pay for a goat. Goats provide much-needed milk to drink and sell, fertiliser for crops and kids to take to market.
  • £41 – could provide a month’s welfare pension for a deserving old Gurkha in Nepal. This is often an old soldier or widow’s only source of income.
  • £700 – could help rebuild a Gurkha’s home after it has been destroyed by flood or fire.

To be honest I haven’t done as much training as I probably should have – however I did complete a 35km practice walk last weekend. Besides some (rather large) blisters I coped just fine and so am quietly confident that I’ll be able to complete the challenge on the day.

All that’s left is for me to ask you to donate – we have pledged a minimum of £1500 in donations in order for us to be able to enter the challenge so if you could help us then we will be incredibly grateful – and Oxfam and the Gurkhas will be even more so. Anything you can offer will be a big help and really appreciated by all.

Donate now! – it’s for a good cause!



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Ben is a lifelong Nintendo fan who also likes to build websites, and develop games. He also buys way too much Lego.

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  1. What a brilliant cause to be walking for! I was sorry to read the other day that adult children from Gurkha families have lost a test-case high court battle for the right to live with parents settled in the UK.

    This walk would be challenging even for the fittest of folk. Hope they have plenty of first-aiders about:)

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