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WordPress Jetpack Admin Backup: For When There are Problems

I’m a big fan of the Jetpack WordPress plugin. I support it in all of my WordPress themes, and have even contributed to its development. However it’s not perfect, and I have recently had some issues with the new React powered Jetpack admin not letting me change site settings.

I have been getting the error:

Notifications failed to activate. SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Now as far as I can see the issue seems to be with the new admin loading resources from http – when using a https site. However the team at Jetpack support have been unable to reproduce or fix it – they’ve been able to see the issue on my site (I’ve given them admin access to a site with the issue) however they have been unable to diagnose the problem, so it still happens.

Then one of the support agents gave me a quick tip. The new React powered admin is likely what’s causing the problem – so why not use the old settings admin? It’s still there in the plugin!

So, if you’re having a problem changing the settings on your Jetpack powered site you can go to the following url and manage the settings as you used to:


I’ve now used this on two separate sites and it’s worked great. Now I just hope they don’t remove the old admin, at least until the issues I’ve been seeing have been resolved.

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  1. I too and a big fan of JetPack. Across all of my sites it is one of the first plugins I add. However, I appreciate that everyone likes to move forward and improvements need to be made. I actually prefer the old stats view compared to the knew one that sporadically loads up. With so many features I’m not sure which ones have over taken previous trusted plugins I already use, so I’m possible doubling up.
    My main uses for it are site stats and the remote Image hosting.

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