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    1. He hee. I spent 11 years working at Miniclip.com – a Flash games site :).

      But I don’t think so. It definitely has a place, but not in every project. My concern is that a) people use it when it’s not needed and b) the attitudes of some developers who think it’s the only way and look down on people with other skill sets.

      1. I was being a bit flippant of course, having spent a long time with CSS (since IE4.0) it always puzzled me why developers wanted to make it into a programming language. I fall between the Designer & Developer camp, I used to call myself a web design engineer, but now I’m a WordPress implementer. I like what Javascript adds to the user experience, but I don’t always like the way it does it. My big concern is that junior developers are using javascript frameworks the way we once used frontpage….

      2. I agree totally. There’s a lot of inappropriate javascript usage. Using it because it’s “cool” rather than because it benefits anyone.

        Oh – and Frontpage πŸ™

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