4 thoughts on “How to get a list of all WordPress Blocks in the Editor Leave a comment

  1. Super useful, thanks! Do you know if there’s anything similar for Block Patterns?

    1. Thanks – glad it’s useful. I’m afraid I haven’t been able to work out anything similar to get a list of patterns.

  2. Hello , sorry for writing this here i hope you will answer me.
    I would like to ask about one of your old games Eridani \ Gunwing.
    Is there still any way to buy it or download it for free?

    Gun wing happened to me one of those childhood game demos that i wanted to buy but never could.
    Why isn’t it on the Binary Sun website like the others?

    I would give half a limb for a copy.

    thank you for your time and patience in advance.
    also please keep writing these tutorials are amazing.

    1. Hi Matthew – Eridani/ Gun Wing was made by another developer so I don’t actually have any ownership of it. As such I can’t give it away I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

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