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Experimental Gameplay

I kind of missed the boat with this, but since I only started this blog a few days ago you’ll have to make do with me going through my bookmarks for now 🙂

Experimental Gameplay is a site set up by a number of students at Carnegie Mellon University. The idea behind the project is to think outside the box and create a series of games (50 – 100) in a short period of time. Some of these games are surprisingly good and, considering they limit themselves to 7 days per game, are fairly polished.

There are limitations in some of the games. A number of the games support multi player on a single keyboard which, technically, isn’t a good thing. Perhaps if they had let one player use the mouse as a control system these games would have been more playable. That said the ideas behind these small projects are very nice. I’m a fan of minimal design, especially when it comes to gameplay. I would much rather have a game that is made up of one or two simple ideas executed very well rather than a huge mish mash of dodgy games sold as one (Beyond Good and Evil is an exception though 🙂 )

Just as an aside – Idle Thumbs is quite a nice ‘alternative’ video games news site.


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