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  1. Excellent work, Binary Dude.

    Lets hope there lots of posts in the offing!

    Hope it goes well for you.

  2. Yo Binary Guy,

    do you still have the limit rush tutorials? If so where can I find them. I started another attempted at my first game with DBPro. but wanted another look at that tutorial to confirm some details.



  3. Hi Setherith

    You can find the Limit Rush tutorials on the Game Creators website

    Remember though that the tutorials are for the original Dark BASIC and not for DBP – so not everything will work as intended.

  4. Hi
    I am now try ing to learn programming now i have retired
    i have dark basic pro
    & when i got it a few years ago i down loaded winrush-tutorial which is what i want to try is there any more info on it as i am having trouble loading it into dark basic pro
    any help would be appreciated

  5. Harry – Hi.

    Unfortunately Limit Rush only works in Dark Basic, not DBP. I believe someone, possibly fairly recently, released a converted version that worked in DBP but I haven’t actually seen it so don’t know how good it is. I would suggest searching on the DBP forum and through the old newsletters as something is will likely be found in there.

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