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If you’re like me you have loads of passwords for anything and everything on the Internet. I have recently taken to making my passwords totally random combinations of letters and numbers. This makes remembering them next to impossible, which means there is now a text file full of passwords sitting on my desktop. Not the perfect situation to be in.

Enter KeePass – a very nice application for storing usernames and passwords. You have a single master password per database which means only you can open your own passwords (ideal for users on a network/ a computer with more than one user. It has a search system so if, like me, you have a lot of accounts you can find what you are looking for nice and quickly. What’s more, like all good things, it’s free – which makes it very very good.

Note: When I first wrote this I used a PC. I now use a Mac and use KeepassXC to do the same thing.

I save the Keepass data in a file in Dropbox so that I can access it on my Mac, Android phone, iPad, wifes computer. Anywhere.

Many sites require registration to access free content – for example news sites that make you create an account to find out what’s going on in the world. A service I use to save having to create all these accounts is Bug Me Not. There are many sites listed on BugMeNot, all you have to do is enter the details of the site you want to access and if available a username and password will be displayed. If unavailable you will be given the chance to create an account that others can use.

BugMeNot is also available as a FireFox extension. This adds BugMeNot to the right click menu on your mouse – when used it automatically fills in the correct fields and submits the form logging you in.

Using both of these systems you will never have to remember another password again (well… just one)

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