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  1. Just skipping on over from WordPress forums. Lovely layout. It’s always fun to see the design process.

    I just discovered BugMeNot from Macworld magazine a few days ago and it’s absolutely wonderful. I wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks for the heads up on the Firefox extension.

  2. Hi Janice – I’ve been using the bugmenot extension for a while. It’s probably one of my favorite extensions, and that gives me an idea for a blog post.

  3. its pity that the bugmenot login/passwd are no more working for many of the popular sites though it may work for some highly unpopular sites…shame on you guys…if its not working then you should say so and let others not go through the pain of trying each and every password out there … and not blindly follow what others are saying…if you know about any other similar tool of website that does the same thing then do post that here….else keep your mouth shut…

    1. I hope this isn’t directed at me, I was simply linking to a cool resource, I haven’t been involved with the development in any way shape or form. To be honest I had pretty much forgotten about bugmenot – I’ve not needed it in years – and this blog post was written in 2005 🙂

      However I too would be interested in an alternative if anyone knows of any.

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