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  1. Very cool that you work for Miniclip and that they invited you! But i laughed the most at the following;

    “David Hasselhoff didn’t turn up. He didn’t win anything but, you know, it would have been nice.”

  2. Hey Congrats! I’ve been on Miniclip for 4 years now. So many games, my favorite is Fowl Words. The sequel wasn’t as good as the first. I play Puzzle Pirates now.

    Hmm I see there’s a field for me to leave my website. I’ll leave you a link to a site I made instead… http://www.toddhannigan.com

  3. Thanks everyone. At Miniclip we’re really happy to have won the award, it makes us feel good inside 🙂

  4. (by the way, I see the England logo in the lower righthand corner. in terms of the World Cup.. Sweden! all the way! hurrah!)

  5. Jen – I work with two Swedish people … but I’m English 🙂

    Schuebel – wow, lots of questions. This isn’t really the right place to ask these things, and I’m not responsible for most of what you mention but I’ll try my best to answer.

    Free games for my site – we have many games available. Unfortunately a lot of our more recent games just aren’t suitable for the webmaster section any more. New games do get added occasionally though.

    Games Room – we want people to use it. Saying “powered by Miniclip” isn’t clear. Not sure what about it is “cheap”

    What games have I made? Well I’m a web designer so don’t make many games but you can see some of the games I have worked on here on this post – what I do at work

  6. I visit Miniclip alot, and their games are great. What is up with the free games for your website section? There are no new games. And the gameroom that you can cut and paste should not include the bottom footer that says “add this on your site for free” it should say “POWERED BY MINICLIP” or something not so cheap. What games have you made?

  7. Congrats all!

    I love your games so much! I cannot believe they’re free (aprt form th eodd adverts – which are very discreet, and sometimes encouraging) :¬)

    Any, I quite like some of the retro/electronic music on some of your titles. Yet, there is no information or hardly any credits of the artists and programmers!!

    I’d love to buy some of your game tunes, but there are no ways of finding out who does what… that is unless one has to beg on your forum!

    Anyway, keep up the great work you lot!!!

  8. Toby – I’m afraid most of the music we use is made for the games and not available for purchase. Sorry.

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