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  1. “Technically the food is a marvel” – this is so very true!! I could almost smell the food, feel the steam, and taste the wine. It’s an almost sensual experience watching this movie. I reviewed it in my blog because it was just so wonderful. My children enjoyed it immensely, but one need not have children to devour this film. The story is simple enough for children but complex enough for adults to enjoy – and it is NOT predictable. I loved this entire film. It is exquisite!

  2. Boo! “It’s still not out for a couple of months in the UK”

    I’ve been looking forward to this since seeing the trailers during Flushed Away.

    I mean my children have been looking forward to it……

  3. I’m a keen admirer of Pixar and from what I’ve read and heard this is also an excellent movie. Hopefully soon enough I’ll get a chance to watch it.
    A bit weird choice for the title though. How to pronounce that? no way. I already have a list of very decent French films whose names I can’t pronounce. Like Delicatessen

  4. Perde – the name is probably a lot more awkward for non English speakers.

    Phonetically it would be something like – ratt-a-too-ee

  5. Thank you Ben, yes my tongue does not do very well when it comes to French things.

    I’m now a bit surprised to see Peter O’Toole in the cast list. That old fart Lawrance is still alive then. Ratatouille has an IMDB rating of 8.5 (placed #74), while Lawrance of Arabia has 8.6. Seems a bit high to me (even when it’s stabilized at ~8.2) Maybe not? I like oldies anyway.

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  7. Rat – a – too – ee

    It’s a french food – and the film is set in france – and it’s about rats. Makes a strange kind of sense to me 🙂

  8. Thank you for the review. Normally I’m not a big movie fan, but you have made this one seem rather interesting. Come to think of it, I might gather the ingredients and try making the ratatouille food as well. I’ve always liked to try out new recipes.

  9. Absolutely love this movie! I teach middle school French and it is great to pair with the food/cuising unit! Just love this movie! Special features are cute too 🙂

  10. It’s a french food – and the film is set in france – and it’s about rats. Makes a strange kind of sense to me 🙂

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