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    1. Hey William – The main reason is that there’s a lot more to the theme than just the voting and other things that could . A lot of the functionality would require making changes to the theme files to integrate all the options so it makes sense (to me) to release it as a theme.

      Secondly, I have had a lot of people ask me for a theme, and so far nobody has requested a plugin. The people I have spoken to want to have something they can just upload and use, rather than have to set up themselves.

  1. I am developing a consumer complaints website using wordpress. I intend to use wp_insert_post function to create posts from user submitted complaints.

    Recently I checked WPVote which is a similar website, except that users have to register before they post content. My question is, why you made registration mandatory?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Mayur – thanks for the comment. Registration was made mandatory on WPVote essentially to prevent spamming. Technically I could have allowed open post submission, but I didn’t want to have uncontrollable floods of posts from people advertising all the things they advertise in blog comments. Registration also helps control the voting aspect. I didn’t want people to try to trick the voting system into giving false votes. With open voting it would generally be a case of clearing cookies and voting again, but with registered voting it is quite easy to track which users voted for which article.

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