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  1. I’m so in favor of doing things because they challenge you to grow and expand your abilities, especially when it involves WordPress. Good for you. This has been a great series.

  2. Hi Ben,
    I love the WPvote redesign/build. Please, please, please release it as a Elemental child theme soon. I have a few projects calling out for a voting system, and like you wasnt keen on using Pligg. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Dean – thanks for the really kind words. I am currently planning if/ when to launch the theme. There are a few bits that need to be made more generic (to work on any theme) and a few new features I want to add, but I hope it will be released at some stage in the next month or three.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Great work with the site and I too am very interested in the theme/plugin. I’m not a programmer and ideally it would be wonderful to have this incorporated into my regular blog (Thesis theme).

    I set up a site using Drigg (http: http://www.myfriendshotel.com/weblinks/ inco) but development on Drigg has stopped and whilst the site works well it would be wonderful if I could have that and my blog combined. With my main website launching soon having the 3 different site layouts just looks unprofessional.

    I’m sure advance orders would spur on the progress with this – maybe we should vote on it!


    1. Hey Pete – It’s great that you’re so keen. I need to tidy up quite a bit of the code, and make the theme a bit more generic/ easier to customise, but I’ve had enough interest that it’s very likely to happen πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Ben,

    Please keep me informed when you release the theme ….i have been struggling with pligg and defiintely prefer WP to anything!!!

    How about you provide us the theme right now on as-is-basis, and we may upgrade to your future release also!!

    Great work !!

    1. Hi Pankaj – I’m really pleased you’re interested in the theme. Probably the easiest way to keep informed would be to subscribe to the feed updates on here or Pro Theme Design – I will announce the theme on both sites once it’s public πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Ben, great going with your website … it has realy picked up well …:)

    Would we be getting to see release of theme any time soon? πŸ˜›

  6. Just one suggestion, like you have used screenshot of website as a pic …..as a general fetaure, the pic should be picked as one of the photo on the link (Something similar to facebook link posting system ….

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