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  1. Thank you so much Ben, this really enlighten me since I don’t know how the Hub Page works exactly. But still, my question is does linking to other relevant pages affect the SEO ranking?

    1. Linking to relevant pages always affects the SEO – however the purpose of the hub page is to keep the effect on your website so make sure it all the pages you are linking to are on pages that you want to improve.

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  3. Hey Ben
    thanks for your good efforts … i want to make a hub page for my own … i also intend to earn money online … can you suggest me a good page name … i have interest in Sports, Politics, & current affairs … which one will be good for me hope to hear from you at usman1304 at hotmail dot com

    1. I would suggest doing a different hub for each of the topics you are interested in, and then just using the names of the topics as the names.

      1. Hi BEN I am a SEO Analyst.I dent Understand Your answer.Please Reply Immediatly Via E-mail.

      2. If you’re an SEO analyst then you should already know this stuff – it’s pretty basic.

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