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  1. Very cool,

    I’m obsessed with automation as well. I’m working on a similar setup that checks my Google Reader accounts hourly using WP Cron for new starred items. Items are posted here:


    From there, a custom page template is used to generate an RSS feed template which is then imported into a Mailchimp RSS to Email campaign:


    What’s the end result?

    I sit in bed each night and favorite (or “star”) the best articles I find in Google Reader. They’re curated automatically to my website, and emailed out to people every Tuesday at 10AM.

    I’ve been thinking of adding a vote up/down setup like Digg or Reddit, much like the nominate theme, to get a better understanding of what people like. If you’re interested in collaborating on a curation plugin let me know. It’s not quite finalized yet, but I could always publish it and provide you SVN access… Your a trustworthy guy, right?

    1. Hey Kevin – thanks for the comment. Your script sounds really interesting, do you have many people signed up to your newsletter?

      I’d be interested in seeing how your script works for sure and would certainly consider collaborating 🙂

      Thinking about it I could already use my own plugin to pull in the starred feed reader items so the only bit I am missing is the rss feed – I like the idea of adding that to my own plugin as well but I’m not sure how it would be used. I guess as well as the newsletter idea it could be used for queuing up Tweets on Twitter and other social sharing sites.

      I hope I’m trustworthy! 🙂

      1. Hey Ben,

        Not many, about 50 or so, but I haven’t done any real promotion other than a few mentions on Twitter. I’ve published the current state of the project to Github:


        I’ve been exploring ways to integrate with other services for easy curation of articles around the web that aren’t in an RSS feed. Evernote, Pocket or Instapaper may work well.

        Google Reader used to have a featured called Send to Reader that would have been perfect, but sadly they discontinued it.

        I’m not sure that this is ready for the WordPress repo yet due to the amount of theme customization needed to get it going. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on whether this should be a plugin, or a theme?

        Either way, Github seems an appropriate place for it to live for now.

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