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Hi, I’m Ben, I make things with a computer!

I am an avid creative, constantly making things with my trusty Mac. I am currently focused on Brush Ninja, but I also run WP Briefs, and Binary Sun, and a bunch of other projects.

Formerly the Director of Web Development at I have been working online since the late 90’s and have no plans to stop.



22 May 2024

Enhance Your Website with my Free Embeddable Drawing App

Over on Brush Ninja I’ve been working on a free embeddable drawing app called Paint Ninja. If you’ve ever used Procreate or the classic MS Paint from the ’90s, you’ll feel right at home with this.A Fun Creative ToolBrush Ninja...
21 May 2024

How I Fixed My Website's INP Issue

INP stands for Interaction to Next Paint. It measures the time between a user interaction, like a click, and when something happens on the page, such as rendering or painting. A shorter INP means a faster and more responsive site.Late...
05 Mar 2024

TimThumb Image Resizer and Website Security

My friend Alex Denning recently asked me to write some bits about TimThumb for an article he was putting together.The main purpose of TimThumb was to dynamically resize images on websites, making it easier for web developers to manage their...
22 Feb 2024

Modern Computer Software - as Used by Me

Someone recently pointed out my post on new computer software (from 2007 😳) and going through it I realized how much things have changed in computer software. Previously, I was on Windows, and I’ve now switched to Mac, but that’s...
17 Feb 2024

Creating a Custom HTML Elements: A Colour Picker

I recently needed to create my first custom element - a custom color picker. I wanted to improve the color picker feature on Brush Ninja however I couldn’t find an existing solution that met my needs so I decided to...