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Hi, I’m Ben, I make things with a computer!

I am an avid creative, constantly making things with my trusty Mac. I am currently focused on Brush Ninja, but I also run WP Briefs, and Binary Sun, and a bunch of other projects.

Formerly the Director of Web Development at I have been working online since the late 90’s and have no plans to stop.



22 Feb 2024

Modern Computer Software - as Used by Me

Someone recently pointed out my post on new computer software (from 2007 😳) and going through it I realized how much things have changed in computer software. Previously, I was on Windows, and I’ve now switched to Mac, but that’s...
17 Feb 2024

Creating a Custom HTML Elements: A Colour Picker

I recently needed to create my first custom element - a custom color picker. I wanted to improve the color picker feature on Brush Ninja however I couldn’t find an existing solution that met my needs so I decided to...
03 Jan 2024

Foolproof Flexbox: Fixing Flowing Frustrations

I recently encountered a frustrating issue while using flexbox for a 2 column layout on Brush Ninja. One column could have any width, while the other had a fixed width for a skyscraper advert. However, I faced a problem where...
19 Dec 2023

My Creative Process

In writing about creativity and AI recently, I started reflecting on my own creative process. While I love making things, I’ve always questioned whether or not I’m truly creative. However, I’ve come to realize that my creativity stems from gathering...
10 Dec 2023

The Future of Creativity with Artificial Intelligence

I recently read a tweet claiming that in just a few months, individuals would be able to create Pixar-level movies on their home computers using artificial intelligence (AI). While this idea may sound exciting, the reality is that it’s not...