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28 Dec 2005

Movie Roundup December 05

A great Christmas and a bunch of new films watched. Time for the second of my monthly Movie Roundups 🙂Ghost Dog – Way of the SamuraiA wonderful film with Forest Whitaker as Ghost Dog, a hitman who follows the teachings...
17 Nov 2005

Movie Roundup November 05

I watch quite a few films and recently a lot of them have been really good. I’ve tried to do movie reviews before but am not convinced they turned out as well as they could have so I am going...
02 Sep 2005

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I’ve wanted to watch this for a while and having seen Sin City not too long ago I was intrigued to see what other computer generated films would be like, and anyway Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow looked...
10 Jun 2005

Sin City

I went to see Sin City yesterday. I’ve never been a fan of comic books or graphic novels but this looked really nice, and being a sucker for anything that tries to be different, had to give it a try.The...
20 May 2005

Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith- Review

I suspect there are going to be quite a few Star Wars reviews over the next few days so I’ll make this quick.I like Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith!The script was up to Georges usual standard,...