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  1. Hey Ben the idea sounds cool, especially making a shooter that is a continuous world instead of levels. Most of the games I like the most are played in continuous worlds that lead you to different stages and tasks (Zelda, Mario 64). The only problem I foresee for you is having a good story to match your settings. What makes the Zelda games so great is it puts people into the classic story that everyone has heard but they know they can’t live (saving the princess while wielding a sword). Applying this to a more modern plot is probably going to be difficult. If the game is continuous there has to be something to drive the player other than the idea of beating the next level, or they’ll just stop when they get bored. I don’t know if I am in a postition to give you advice on a plot, but all I can say is to try to put your main character into a situation that you wish that you could play out. I have a gamecube and have been very disappointed with the games lately. With the new Starfox and Mario games the creators have been so wrapped up in doing something new that they forget that a lot of the things from the old games is what made us start playing. Bottomline, I don’t really know much about creating videogames (only playing them) but I can tell you, as a player, that I buy games so I can live out a situation that I could only dream of before.

  2. I’m of the opinion that the game should be the focus, the story is what pulls everything together. If the game isn’t fun then no matter how good the story the game will still be rubbish. However a fun game with a decent story will, hopefully, please everybody.

    I have a few ideas about how to do this but will need to spend some time figuring it all out. The main thing at the moment is getting a functional, enjoyable, game working. I can fix in the story in once the game system is in place.

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