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  1. Sands of time was a classic; fantastic controls (platforming was just lovely), beautiful to watch and play and wonderful games mechanics (the time reversal, foresight, lack of the ‘usual game elements’ such as smashable crates for powerups etc).

    Sadly, the lack of commercial success meant that the publishers were weary and the changes for the sequel only served to make the game less satisfying. As you said, WW wasn’t bad, not by a long shot. It was a good game though after the freshness and ingenuity of its predeccessor, there was a tinge of disappointment.

    I’ve yet to play Two Thrones; I’ll definitely give it a go. That said, I wish the developers were given more free rein and less attempt were made to make the game mass-marketable. Does the “dark’ moniker really shift games, I wonder?

  2. Sands of Time was wonderful although when I was looking for screenshots to use in this post I was suprised by how low detail everything is, comparing it to the newer games it’s very plain.

    I think the dark styling is more ‘accepted’ by the mainstream. However the new game combines the two styles, with some dark, and some light areas.

    Does dark sell games? Possibly not, but if you’re trying to sell games to the ‘mass market’ then I suspect gothic would sell better to the less well educated gamer. It’s a shame, but glowing pastels just aren’t cool enough.

  3. hello! i am playing prince of persia,the two thrones and i am stucked at one huge monsteres troll or something like that… i simply can not kill kim… and i am losing my mind… CAN YOU HELP ME? PLEASE…

  4. The massive bad guy with the club? What you have to do is look at the edge of the arena for a way to climb to the top. Once at the there you can do a focus kill to stab the beasty in the eyes. Once you’ve stabbed both eyes you have to hack away at the back of his legs until he falls down, and then you can jump on his back and do a focus kill there finishing him off for good.

    In the future I would recommend checking out GameFAQs.com, they’re really good for helkp with problems like this. To save you some time here is a Two Thrones walkthrough. Hope this helped

  5. HELP haha i just passed the kinds road and i cannot beat the two goons in the arena surrounded by fire the heck do i have to do to beat them lol please help

  6. Have I become a help site all of a sudden? 🙂

    Check out gamefaqs mentioned above. It has all the answers you need.

    FWIW you hit the sword guy until the axe guy swings at you. Duck out of the way and the axe sticks in the ground. Then you have to hit him until a focus event starts. Rinse and repeat.

  7. sands of time was awesome! i loved it. warrior within wasn’t as bad as people were saying, but definately nothing compared to SOT. TTT is great too. it brought back more of SOT which was a relief. I love everything about it!

  8. hey.i can’t beat the big rock boss.every time i get on his back and try to start a speedkill, he rips me off.can you help me please?

  9. HEY.i cant beat the big rock boss to(as you call him )….Well please Danielle…If you get a way to kill him please tell me too…

  10. to beat that rock boss, just start a speed kill, (make sure you wait for the lights to flash) then once youve done it right you just have to steer him in the right directions to get to a new room. its not hard if you do it right.

  11. Second speedkill on the “sword and axe” fight has to be insanely tight. And there’s no savepoint after the ch. race. I agree about boss fights. Sometimes I feel they are put in to make the game seem longer.

    BTW I think the story in no 1 was brilliant, but not really something to be continued. Kinda gets too complicated after a while… But there’s still some magic left IMO. Looking forward to next generation PoP. 😉

  12. yeah the boss fights are pretty pointless. But oh well! I really hope they make a fourth game. It’d be great. Some director is thinking of making movies out of the games too. that would be awesome!

  13. how do i do the focus kill on the beast and wicth one
    do i climb to get at his level. i keep falling off that darn
    peice of please help me man ive bein doing this since christmas day.

  14. first you go on top of the beast then wait till the swords turns blue then press square, then dont press any thing until the swords goes blue again and soon you will get to his eyes.do it on both beams then he will be completely blind, the just attack at his legs….it is easy

  15. This game is average, but too short, very linear and extremely lacking in the amazing combat from no.2. I seriously DO NOT recomend this shallow, boring (you can’t skip cutscenes) and frustrating game.

  16. aw u suck! this is the best game ever! dude the combat is almost exactly the same! maybe a little less violent but thats it. i love the story. especially how it ends! i hope they make a POP 4 sometime.

  17. the rock guy is easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many times do ppl have to explain it……..

  18. warrior within is ok. it kind of sucked but it had some good points too. people said it got unreasonably dark but there wrong. death had been chasing him for 7 years, i think i would have been a little pissed too. sands of time is my favorite. two thrones comes pretty close though.

  19. Ok…I’m stuck on the second boss. Y’know, the big green troll thingy. My first idea was to slice his legs, I did that and he fell to his knees. Then I jumped on his back but he threw me off. Now, I’m outta ideas. Could someone please help [:

  20. Oh, it’s alright now, I beat him. But I’ll tell you where I am stuck. Which is right after that big green thing. Where there’s that water, and ummm a box you can push around, and two swing bars. Where do I go!

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