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  1. Hi Ben! Your theme is beautiful – just fantastic – my favorite! I was wondering – and I so hope this has not been addressed I searched through all the old posts and could find nothing. I am wanting to remove the support for the recent comments plug in. I prefer the plug in “customizable comment listings” as I can exempt myself from being listed in the recent comments. But it is picking up the support for the other plug in and listing me in the recent comments. When I switch to a different theme it works great – I am exempt.
    I looked through each section but I can not figure out where it is picking up that function and what I have to delete. Thank you so much – no biggie or anything just wondered.

  2. Tiffany – All you have to do is remove the following code from sidebar.php

    // ---------------
    // recent comments
    // ---------------
    if (function_exists('get_recent_comments')) { ?>
    <h2>< ?php _e('Recent Comments:'); ?>
    <?php get_recent_comments(); ?>
    <?php } ?>

  3. I’m completely new to WordPress, but have found your theme much more attractive than the others I’ve seen. I’ll add my own voice to the chorus of approval. I’ve started to use it for a site I’m upgrading. Big brain ache at the moment since CSS/XHTML is all new to me.

    I’d really like to incorporate the headlines list, which regulus has as a standard in the sidebar, and put it on my homepage as a ‘teaser’ to get visitors to look at the news/blog. Can you give me a pointer how to do this? For my sinse, I’m currently using tables. I recognise I should be using DIV’s and classes, but I’m still feeling my way. Does using a table structure restrict the possibility of doing this?

    Any help gratefully received.


  4. Hi,

    I want the “older posts” link at the bottom of the page to be much larger, because I fear some visitors who aren’t familiar with blog formats may think the stuff on the first page is the extent of what I have to offer.

    Could you tell me how I can make that link larger?


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  6. Hi Ben – Thank you so much for getting back to me. I actually had already tried that. But since this other plug in uses a similar code to call the recent comments. Recent Comments

    It still does not exempt me but like I said if I switch to another theme it does. Could there be any other place besides the sidebar where you have code for recent comments. Because I still want to use recent comments just not the same one you have built in. Thank you so much. [ =

  7. By the way it certainly does not matter – I will just keep messing with it. I am sure you are busy – I just wondered if you could point me in the right direction. [ =

  8. Has anyone been able to integrate Gravatar into their comments? I was able to insert the php code in to the comments.php page. The gravatar shows up by when you post another comment the gravatar disappears. I think it has to do something with the CSS. If anyone has any idea as how to get this done please share it or swing by my site and leave a message. Thanks!
    BTW, this themes is very well designed!

  9. Another question:
    Has anyone successfully implemented Brian’s Latest Comments plugin? It shows up on my front page but the formatting in the sidebar for the comments is all messsed up.
    If anyone has a solution I’d be more than happy to hear from you.
    Also, I was able to install FAlbum and the Extended Live Archives (ELA).

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  11. any chance of you working with the wordpress technical teams to update Regulus to work with the new widgets that they’ve developed?

    I’m a big fan of the regulus template for it’s professional look, but it’s frustrating that I can’t use the widgets.

  12. What is the easiest way to eliminate the dotted line under each item in the sidebar? In my case I think it would improve the look of my website. I’m sure it’s probably not to complicated but have not found the way yet.

    Like everyone else I love the look of Regulus. Thank you for all your hard work. I started out using Regulus and knowing nothing about establishing & maintaining a website. I’m learning by leaps and bounds every day, thanks to people like you.

  13. I realize I needed to clarify my question. I know the underline signifys a link. Is there anyway to show a link without the underline? I realize this is most likely a WordPress question.

    A related problem in my case involves WeatherIcon data in the sidebar. I installed the WeatherIcon plugin, and inserted appropriate code (?) in sidebar.php. The WeatherIcon display options are underlined, as though they were links even though they are not. Any suggestions?

  14. Solved the second problem by removing the list I had created in the sidebar.php. WeatherIcon output is not bulleted or underlined now.

    Still curious about the first question….is there anyway to remove underlining from links in WordPress and/or Regulus?

  15. hi,

    The links of the pages dont display properly in IE. Please help as loads of other sites with ur theme that ive been to work. And i dont want to have to change me theme cause of it!!!

    My sites at:

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  17. I still love this theme, even though I found a bug (maybe it’s not in the theme but in the theme-used plugins): if I choose not to show the full post on the main page, opened html-tags like ul and li are not closed πŸ™ I worked around it by showing full posts.
    I definitely hope, you entered this theme on the new theme competition πŸ˜‰

  18. Any idea how I can add to the footer area of each post? For example adding “trackbacks (5)” and other things?

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  20. Hi ben,
    I just found out that when you list a categorie, all the posts listed loose a part of their attributes, such as images and bold (other themes don’t do that) .
    On the other hand, when you click on a post title to see its content, all the attributes are there.
    Do you know how to avoid this (i.e. show all the attributes all the time). I don’t master your theme enough to find out the trick on my own.

    Thks again.

  21. There are far too many comments here for me to reply to them all so I will just say this. Version 2.1 of Regulus is almost ready and should be released some time in the next week, so if you can hold on for that I will try to go through your problems again.

    Thanks for your patience

  22. Hi Ben! Thank you for the lovely theme – I know little about coding, but it looks gorgeous!

    My question relates to the previous bit about HTML in the “About” box. I’m looking for a way to display some of my Flickr pictures in the sidebar, but have tried to insert both the Flash and HTML versions of the Flickr Badge to no avail. Any idea how I could remedy that, or will this be something that’s able to be done in 2.1?


  23. hi again

    after 3 hours of fiddling with my sidebar.php, installing uninstalling, i finalyy find the admin bar that is mentioned several times. and of course, my previous question is now answered.

    now i am in the know. thankyou ben.


  24. Russ – thanks

    Amanda – wait for the next version, it has some cool new features that will hopefully make this easier for you.

    Alto – lol. I think I am going to make a FAQ so that people don’t have these problems πŸ™‚ Glad you got it sorted.

  25. Hi Ben… LOVE the theme… great work.

    of course, I have one small problem πŸ™‚

    when I turn on the option to show full posts on the homepage, thinks get wonky. the sidebar appears at the bottom of the posts !

    http://www.zenandjuice.com/word/ shows the issue.
    I had adjusted the widths of wrapper and content in the css, because i usually have some images that are greater than 430 px across (600 px max).

    (I had the same issue before I adjusted the widths though).

    Any ideas?

  26. Wow – those images are massive. I would guess it’s them that are pushing things out of whack. The other problem could be to do with some dodgy html somewhere – I’ve noticed this seems to happen quite a bit when people use the wysiwyg editor built into wp.

  27. I can’t get the “blogroll” to say “links” or whatever else I want it to say. Can you help me. How do we get the new version, 2.1?
    appreciate it,

  28. Thank you first of all for making the coolest looking theme for wp, in my humble opinion anyway. Now onto my question, I am completely new at all this php and whatever else, type of thing. How do I put a flash header on my page using your theme, is is possible? Thanks in advance for any help.

  29. Elizabeth – Currently editing titles isn’t possible. It will be with the new version. Since you use wordpress.com you can’t upgrade the theme yourself. Version 2.1 of Regulus has yet to be released, but once it is it will definately be added to wp.com

    Fred – Unfortunately you can’t do what you want and keep the theme looking as it is. There is no way to replace the background image with Flash. What you would have to do is remove the header entirely Replacing it with the Flash Movie. Relatively simple if you know what you’re doing, but if you don’t know html & css it gets quite a bit more complicated.

  30. Thanks for the reply Ben, well I’ve no idea what to do, if anyone fancy’s helping a brother out, email me at fredpbarkerATgmailDOTcom, it would be mucho appreciated.

  31. nice themes Ben!
    btw, i tried to switch position at comment form become like this: name, email, URL, message
    it looks fine when i accessed it with firefox, IE7, opera, maxthon and avant browser. but it makes IE6 geeting crash and close it self. i haven’t any idea how it could happened? have u ever tried it? do u have any suggestion Ben? thx.

  32. The theme is great. Truly one of the best ones out there. Is it possible to use the new Widgets plug-in with Regulus for WP2.0

  33. Fred – sorry, I just don’t have the time to help at the moment. Hopefully you will work something out.

    dhika – that’s a very strange error, not sure why it’s happened at all. I am afraid I haven’t tried to make that change myself.

    embee – Currently it’s not possible to use the widgets bar but it’s something i am working on

    scott – this happens because your browser font size is set to a larger than average size. Regulus was not designed with this in mind.

  34. Extremely well written and frankly gorgeous theme which is now gracing my humble online abode. Needed a slight hack to sidebar.php to stop the W3C validator barfing, details are on http://www.vicchi.org/2006/04/06/theme-update if you’re interested. Makes my blog looks almost professional – shame the quality of the writing lets it down!

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  36. Just wanted to say Thanks for Regulus 2.0. I modified it a little to accommodate some google ads below the homepage’s tabs (http://broome.us) and as a web developer, appreciated that the code and css was so easy to follow. Can’t wait for the next version πŸ™‚

  37. Ben, thank’s for the theme.

    Just a question: how can I add images in the sidebar?


  38. Jonathon – glad you like it.

    Marko – not easy. Check out the new version and hopefully the widgets will help you do what you want.

    Everyone else – comments are now closed here. You can grab the latest version and comment on the new release on the Regulus 2.1 post

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