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  1. Hi, I gotta say i really love your theme, though i’m making a few adjustments, so it fits my needs better.
    I dont know if it’s just me, but im having a hard time validating the theme.

    Thanks alot for a very nice theme.

  2. Gudi – oops. Try downloading it again. The sidebar error should be fixed, and the <em> error is something to do with wordpress that I can’t seem to work out. I don’t think it’s my fault.

    Jonathon – πŸ™‚

  3. It seems if im not able to only show a summary anymore for my articles? I’ve tried changing it under Reading Options, but nothing happends.

  4. Jonathon – Third time lucky (that means try again πŸ™‚ )

    Gudi – The show excerpt feature as removed I’m afraid. This was to be inline with the wordpress.com version. Too many people had issues with it messing up their sites/ not understanding what it did so they removed it. I decided it was a good idea too so removed it as well. Sorry.

    I’m going to bed now. I hope I don’t wake up too to many extra problems. Enjoy everyone πŸ™‚

  5. I just tried downloading the file again, but im unable to validate it as before. Click on my name, and try to validate, you’ll see the error. (i dont wanna paste links here :))

  6. Oops, just loaded the refreshed version and the handy Dashboard/Edit/Write links I liked in my sidebar are missing now. Is that a config option that’s changed?

  7. Gudi, the “For each article, show:” option under Options|Miscellaneous is in the Syndication Feeds section – it only affects your RSS feeds.

    I seem to remember there being a Regulus option for displaying only the beginning of an article, but I can’t remember it clearly – I use the “!more” tag in my articles to get that effect without relying on the theme.

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  9. Oops–looks like the version I downloaded tonight doesn’t let me show full entries on the homepage. You can see the result by clicking over to my site at kennsarah.net.

    I know with R2.0, I could select the “show full posts on homepage” checkbox. Looks like we’re trying to go with the default under the Options → Writing section now, but it’s not quite working.

    Thanks, Ben, for all the hard work on this. It saves a lot of people a ton of time, and I’ve been looking forward to using widget RSS feeds to link over to my other online projects. Thanks again.

  10. Well, I just reset the settings in the database, and that fixed it. πŸ™‚

  11. Ken – glad you got it working.

    Andy – The “read more” link was removed because you can only show the full posts on the home page now so I figured it was unnessecary. If you want to read the full post or make a comment then you can click the comments link. Maybe a read more link would be good as well though. I’ll think about it.

    As for the comments on pages thing, they will likely show up for a lot of people. The problem is that comments are automatically on by default for everything so you will need to go through each page and turn them off.

  12. Okay… first question… I can’t seem to place the code for Bunny’s Technorati Tags in index.php anymore; every time I try to find a place to insert it, it screws up the site so I get a blank page. Any ideas?

    Also, I liked the ‘read more’ feature! I’m not sure visitors will necessarily have the nouse to know that they have to click on the headline to get ‘the full story’ as it were… any ideas on how to approach this? Otherwise, the upgrade is going slowly but not too disastrously at present! πŸ™‚

  13. And is there any way to stop a comments box appearing on every page I’ve created to date? It looks a bit odd on my contact page, my archive page, my categories page, etc… where having a comment box isn’t necessary or desirable.

  14. Hi Ben, thanks so much for responding so quickly – a large number of plugin developers should take note of your helpfulness when releasing things into the wild! πŸ™‚

    I didn’t know you’d scrapped extracts. Not sure about that at all where I’m concerned but there’s an easy enough workaround, which I’ll write here, now, just in case others ask the same as I did…

    I was still getting extracts after upgrading because I’m using a plugin called Post Teaser; it suits me to use extracts on the front page because being a writer I’m a prolific blogger and I don’t like stuff to disappear too quickly before folks have had chance to read it… plus, I just like extracts, and so…

    I figured out all I had to do was go into the plugin’s config options and reset them to the defaults, change the text I wanted to appear as necessary – et voila! ‘Tis done!

    So if anybody else wants/needs extracts back, it’s easy to accomplish. I hope that helps others! I can’t recall where I got the plugin from but it’s easy enough to find using a search engine or the main WordPress plugins pages.

  15. And comments on some pages are a great addition – my music charts page is better with a comments form!

    Still wondering how to add in the php line of code I need to add in for Bunny’s Technorati tags to bring them back? Thanks again for a great theme and all your help!

  16. Also, and please excuse my lack of knowledge on these things, since the upgrade I’ve noticed a fine dotted line under photos in my footer… I’ve gone through the CSS but can’t seem to find where or how to stop that happening… Anyone able to help me, please?

  17. in internetexplorer everythings looks nice, but in firefox 1.5 the meta information isn’t shown properly.
    Just have a look at my website.

  18. I’ve got the bunny tags working now thanks to a friend showing me where they needed to go… Still need to know how I can rid myself of all these annoying dotted lines underscoring the images and hyperlinks.

    So, once that’s sorted, I’ll be done. It’s not been that harsh a job upgrading, Ben and the support for widgets is great as are some of the new stylings. Like I said, though, I think removing extracts altogether is an odd one. It was how Regulus presented them that drew me to the theme in the first place.

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  20. I just fixed the problem. If i remove the tags before and after the meta data in sidebar.php everything seems fine.
    What is this “list tag” just before the “unordred list” tag for?

  21. I think I am going to stop responding now – I leave you for a bit and you sort out all your problems yourself πŸ™‚

    Andy – not sure why the images have a border undernesat. I actually added a style that should have stopped this from happening. I can only assume there is something funny going on with the way flickr add things.

    Joern – The li is there because all the items in the sidebar are in a big list. This isn’t the way things used to work but is the way the widgets plugin organises things so I figured it would be easier if I made everything consistant. I haven’t seen any problems with my test site so am not sure why it should happen to you.

  22. Is there a way I can stop the blog title appearing over the header graphic? Right now I’ve had to make my blog nameless in the admin screen because otherwise my new graphic (thanks Ben for making it so easy to upload and implement), which includes the title, has the title repeated over it.

  23. Scrap the last one – I found a brilliant article on changing the header code, which I am happy to spread the word on – just click here.

  24. I like the theme. But I had the “”-problem as well on my testblog. Both with FF1.5 and Netscape 7.1. Using widgets (or deleting the li-tag before the meta-data) resolved that problem. But that seems to me not like a proper solution.

  25. Tom and Joern – Neither of your blogs validate now. I have updated the css to fix the problem so it should all be ok with the li’s (I hope) – I’ve probably ended up breaking something else but it looks ok at the moment.

  26. Thanks Ben. you have done the all I was waiting for since long time. Now I am sure it will be the best theme, at least for wordpress.

  27. hello, i’ve traying to add asides to my weblog but i don’t know what happen cause it doesn’t work i hope u can check it out and tell me if theres any problem with the theme

  28. Super, now everything looks nice. Thank you very much for your support.
    By the way, it would be nice if you could integrate the moderation queue clue from your website in the regulus theme too. Or give us/me just a hint how it is done.

  29. Carlos – I have never done anything with asides. I would ask on wordpress.org for help there.

    Shashi – thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    Joern & Tom – glad it’s working properly now. Cheers.

    Joern – I considered adding that but decided not too, however I will write a post on here about how I did this along with a couple of other little things I use on Binary Moon.

  30. I just wanted to say thank you, for a great theme that is now even better!

  31. Caspar – if you can edit the actual theme it’s pretty easy. There is no automated way to do it I’m afraid. If you want to do it yourself you should look for this:

    <?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li='); ?>

    in header.php and then add your link either before or after it depending upon where you want the new tabs to show.

    Everyone else – I am going away for the Easter break and will get back to you when I return next week. Have a good weekend.

  32. On the WordPress Codex, I updated the link for Regulus 2.1 to go to BinaryMoon, instead of a post in my blog which unintentially made it seem like I had created the theme.

    Codex page here. Hope it helps with the publicity. Love the theme.

  33. I have made it on may own, thanks Ben. Now i have an aprroval-message at my site. It was easier as expected.
    I have still one thing i want to get rid of. I have mygallery-plugin installed but every thubnail is underlined because it belongs to #content although the DIV the thubneils are in is in its own class und is styled through css (I included the style information at the bottom of your style.css).
    Hope you could understand what my problem is. Do you have a solution?

  34. Hey,
    I was waiting for the update with Widget thingy…but I didnt like one thing…in old theme it used to differenciate posts porperly on the main page i.e. it used to show “read more add a comment Author : XXX” below the post and in difference bg color so it used to highlight the things properly but now in new version, it doesn’t display like that…

    any ways to achive like old one? may be some class or something else?


  35. Oh great, newer still. I just stopped in to thank you for the beautiful skin. My blog’s just a site for occasional posting. Regulus with the moonscape is exactly the feel I wanted, and now I’ll have more to play with. thanks so much.

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  37. I use wordpress so have only just noticed the difference. I love the lack of underlining in the sidebar – it looks good.
    A couple of things I miss about the old version though:
    * I liked the two column side bar in the old version which was why I chose the template in the first place.
    * The updated version doesn’t show sub-categories indented under the main category like the old one did.
    Overall it’s all good though!

  38. Thanks for all the hardwork – nice results.
    However, even my non-blog links now all appear under the ‘blogroll’ category heading and the facility to edit a post has gone !!

  39. I love this template!
    I had a really hard time finding a template that worked for me using widgets.

    Thanks for a beautiful template that I think makes my blog stand out from the others.

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  44. Hi Ben! I am a WordPress.com blogger and I really love your theme… so classy! I wonder if we could ever be allowed to change the background img/color on Regulus, like we can do now with the banner img. I’d love to
    set mine to black or something, either by entering a hex code or even selecting from a dropdown of basic colors.

  45. Good day,
    I just installed wordpress-2.0.2 + widgets + regulus_wordpress_theme_2.
    Everything works fine except the widgets configure dialog is not working, nothing hapenned when I clicked the icon. Tried both with IE and FF.
    However, I don’t have this issue if I use the default themes provided by wordpress.

    IS there anything that I miss here?


  46. Thank you for this wonderfull theme. I’ve made my own dark color sheme…if you want to take a lot at my photoblog.
    But i have several problems :
    -search box does not work
    -regulus+widgets plugin : can’t configure the widgets when regulus is the active theme, must activate default theme Kubrick to be able to configure Categories, Calendar etc…then switch back to regulus
    -phpmyvisites does not report any visit since i’ve switch my blog to regulus. Install another phpmyvisites on another provider, no change.

    If any ideas…Thank you.

  47. Hi Ben,
    This might seem like a totall stupid question, so please excuse me for it. I don’t know much about code. I uploaded some new widgets into the directory, went to the Presentation tab then to current theme options but there is no place where I see the new widgets in the “Sidebar Options.” Am I missing something? Do I need to go into the Theme Editor and then to the sidebar code?

  48. Wow loads of comments. I’ve been putting off going through them but figure I should do it eventually πŸ™‚

    Sunny Boy – cheers

    Joern – glad you got it working I’m not sure why the images are being underlined but you aren’t the only person to mention the problem. I will look into it.

    Deep – Not sure aboutyour definition of ‘properly’ I like the way it looks now, but will consider making things a little more obvious (not sure how)

    Sybil – Cool πŸ™‚

    Matt – W00t

    Tom – The two column thing isn’t possible with the widgets. To use it you should remove the widgets and the old sidebar will come back

    Rob – Not sureabout the blog roll problem. The edit post thing will make it’s way back I think.

    Pumpkin – Thanks

    Livia – changing the background colour isn’t somehting I have even considered. I won’t be adding it to Regulus as it’s a lot of work howvere I intend to do something like this on my next theme.

    Djon, MilleSabords – The widget configuration is a known problem. I have a fix and will upload it along with a few tweaks this weekend.

    Sam – new widgets need to be activated in the plugins menu before they will show on the widgets editor.

  49. Just installed your theme at blog.mushin.de and really like it, specially the costimization through widgets. Now only for some translation of some english terms…

  50. How about an option to turn off the page links across the top and leave them in the sidebar? If you have more than a couple, they stack up high and cover the header image. Other than that, I love it!

  51. Hi Ben and Everyone, Regulus is looking better and better. I am deliberately only using WordPress.com as I aim to cater for “busy teachers with lives of their own”. Having said that and recognising all the time and effort you contribute, I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to find or work out why the bottom 5 posts of my home page (only) and all the side bar has increased from font size 9 to 14.5. All other pages remain unaffected. I’ve reinstalled the theme, taken all widgets out then returned them, re-edited the posts (even cut and pasted them into Notepad in case it had something to do with MS Word), gone to sleep then checked in the morning – sometimes this works. I had made no changes (not even added a new post) when this happened. I realise it could well be a WordPress thing. Any ideas anyone? … please.

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  53. Ben, you have forget to add the type attribute to the style tag used to display the custom header image.

    Please correct it, thank you.

  54. Mushin – glad you like it πŸ™‚

    Jacob – Regulus wasn’t designed for sites with lots of pages. I don’t particularly want to make any more big changes like this. Sub pages get put in the sidebar so maybe it would be better for you to seperate things into smaller categories?

    Al – The problem is the html in the post where things go wrong. One of the tags you are using hasn’t been closed and that messes things up. I believe this is a side effect of the wysiwyg editor.

    Andrew – Not so much forgot, as wasn’t aware. I’ve made the change and it will be in the next update. Cheers.

  55. One more thing, Ben.

    I KNOW you solved this one for someone in the comments in one of the versions of Regulus. But I’ve read back through and can’t find it.

    I am using my own art for the header logo on http://www.mindbodyspiritjournal.com. How do I keep the blog title that is automatically generated in WordPress from showing through on top of my logo art?

    On style.css, I set header h1 to (code follows)

    `#header h1 {position: absolute;
    font-size: 0;
    left: -1000px; }`

    which I thought would kick the title wording off the screen, but apparently hasn’t. (Maybe I didn’t code it right? Hope the code came through here. I used “backticks” like in the WordPress forum.)


    P.S. Do you have a recommended comment-spam-blocking plug-in to use with Regulus?


    The type I have showing up in the logo art in my header is the “blog info” description, not the blog title. How do I keep that from happening? Should I just NOT have any blog info, but instead include it as ‘alt text’ for the logo?


  57. Ken – I have added an option to hide the blog title and description into the next version of Regulus. This is for people like yourself who have a title in their custom header image. The new version should be released later today.

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  59. Ok then – I have released Regulus 2.1.2 into the wild. So if you could post feedback over there that would be great.

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  61. Thanks Ben (bottom 5 posts and the sidebar were 14.5 font size not 9) I found the post before them did have a small quote copied and pasted from MS Word. πŸ™ I hadn’t reformatted it because it looked fine. Good now and I hope the warning is heeded.

    Our school holidays in South Australia are nearly over and I’m starting to get more enquiries about setting up a WordPress blogging network. I’m nearly ready but (sorry) whatever I do I get a disabled message trying to upload a new header image. Is this feature ready to go yet? I’ve posted on it – anyone with a comment please click my name here. Cheers, Al

  62. Al – I’ve made some changes to the new version which will make errors like this less common (I hope). Should be added to wordpress.com some time in the next week.

  63. Thanks mate
    It looks like you’ve already made the changes. I now have a new meerkat header (alupton.wordpress.com) although it still said ‘disabled’ when I tried to upload it. Even if it wasn’t you, you’re still “flat out like a lizard drinking.” and I appreciate it. Cheers, Al

  64. Hey Al – glad you got it sorted. I have made some changes to the theme so that if you use an external image it shows the image in the control panel. Before the disabled message appeared if you were not using one of the standard images but now it only appears if you specify an invalid url.

    I’ve never heard the phrase ‘flat out like a drinking lizard’ but I can imagine what it means πŸ™‚ BTW You posted this at midnight in my part of the world (england).

  65. Hi Ben – just went to show off the ‘sqished meerkat’ header and ALL the pages are splatted across it. Same problem as before. I’ll check out WordPress forums to see if I can glean more from there.
    Now I’m posting at midnight my part of the world. Al

  66. That ones not my fault. That’s a wp.com error. Just send a feedback and they will sort it out pretty quick. At least the header showed up πŸ™‚

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  68. Ben,

    Love the template. Using a modified form of 2.1.3 for my blog. As a new WordPress user, I appreciate the work you put into this. I certainly could not put together a theme this nice.

    However, I am curious about something. I’ve tried almost every WSIWYG or Quicktags-based comment plugin, but none of them work with Regulus. Is there something missing from the comment.php file that is preventing these plug-ins from working?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  69. Dan – not sure why that doesn’t work or what I would need to do to make it work. I will look into it.

  70. I like your theme, but, I have this error when I use it.
    The error appear in the Links widgets.
    Can you help me ?

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in

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  72. Alessandro – I don’t know what that error is. I would suggest asking the widgret developer as I’ve never used it myself.

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  74. Ben, i now this is a lame question.. but i cant find the way to edit the “(more..)” that appears in the main index when i use the more button :s

    Well.. someone has to be the newbie here πŸ˜‰

  75. ben, i haven’t installed 2.1 yet but i will soon, and i’m sure it’s a great update, the list of changes look excellent. thanks for your invaluable contribution to the WP community!

  76. I know everyone else has said it, but awesome theme, Ben. I’ve played with it a little and personalized it, but, in the end, it’s your design and it makes me look good. Thanks.

    If you get a chance among the four million other questions your answering for a free theme, I’d like to know if there’s a better way to get the comment links to be bolded besides the method I came up with:

    `comments_popup_link( “add a comment“, “1 comment so far“, “% comments“, “comments” );`

  77. I tried backticking on that post to get the code to show up as such, but, apparently, it didn’t work. It stripped out the opening and closing STRONG tags I had wrapped around each of the four comment messages.

  78. Hi Ben,
    First, thank you for such an amazing theme! I JUST got introduced to WordPress, and after looking through dozens of themes, and trying several, I came across yours. Two words. YOU RULE!

    Thanks for putting in so much time for such a great product, what’s more impressive is your modesty.

    I do have just ONE question for you though. Believe me, I have searched through Google, WordPress.org, and read through the comments here (hopefully I didn’t overlook it) and can’t find what I’m looking for. How do I change the options under the Meta section? I have grepped every file in your theme in an effort to find keywords to help me (wordpress, RSS) to no avail. I want to keep the Site Admin, Login, Logout options, but want to remove the RSS links and WordPress link (not that I don’t like WordPress, but it’ll confuse my users).
    Please let me know your thoughts, and keep up the good work!!

  79. Hi. I know that this is a bit of a weird question… but back on number 46 you mentioned that the widget configuration bug was known and that you had fixed it. Well, I’ve got the same problem with a highly customized Kubrick theme and no one seems to know what causes it.

    I wonder if you could share how you fixed it in your case in the hopes that it might help me sort mine out? If you remember how you did it that is… πŸ™‚

  80. Ben –
    Thank you for the fabulous theme. One question: I see that you have been considering offering the ability for people to randomize the header image. I am trying to accomplish just this, and I cannot seem to get it to work via any plugin, or by uncommenting your randomize line in the functions file. Any hints?

  81. Hey Ben, I looked at over 30 themes before picking Regulus. I particularly like the way it handles Pages making it easy to use as a CMS. I was wondering about some new features that I’ve seen on other websites:
    1. Breadcrumb trails.
    2. “E-mail this post to a friend” and “Print this post” icon links at the top of an entry.
    3. A box in the theme admin panel for footer editing – not to remove the Regulus / WordPress blurbs but to enter any extra information (easier than editing the theme).

    Keep up the good work it is a fantastic theme.

  82. Wow – I didn’t realise so many people were posting on this old topic. Sorry about the delay in replies

    Mariano – that has to be changed by editing the theme page directly I’m afraid.

    Nick – thanks πŸ™‚

    ptvGuy – you can remove the strong tags and set the style on the comments class so that font-weight is bold

    HRamirez – AFAIK you can’t change the options in the meta list. It’s built into wordpress. I’d be interested to know if you can find a solution though.

    John – I was removing the search from the widget listing since there wasa search box in the theme and the problem was that I was unregistering the widgets but not the controls so things were going a bit funky.

    Kristin – you can see the solution to this here. I don’t intend to add it as part of the theme.

    Paul – those features are beyond the scope of the theme. Apart from bugs I don’t intend to add any new stuff. I’m sure at least the email, and print this post options are available as widgets.

  83. I’m gonna close this and send you all over to the newer post. I can keep track of things easier then.

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